Basic Drag Race Track

Phil_NWA1 Friday, 6/23/2023

I wanted to relive some of the fun I had as a boy racing a few cars, space is a problem, I can manage about 14' but may extend this by adding a 180 degree curve. I use an original finish gate and a two lane fair start and have had some good races, I have about a 1' drop and a run is a little over 2 secs which means fast starters can still be caught.

Inspired by Chaos Canyon I am going to try a single track rally course, setting off on the level, a climb, a twisting down hill to the finish against the clock.

I can't have a permanent track so I want to work out a consistent track each time.


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SpyDude 6/23/23

You use what you have in the space you can. If you can mount a couple of tracks down onto a 6' board, you can stand the board up in a corner when you are done for the day. It's not perfect, but it's closer to consistent each time.

  • Thanks I will give this a try, still at the design stage for the rally course — Phil_NWA1
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