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The Sun was shining today, and it was a little warm, so I did some testing with the new track. The cars ran really well, had only one problem, a lump in the track due to shipping, and being coiled up. This track needs some heat to make it we will primarily be using this outside in public areas like parks, to generate interest in our monthly Hot Wheels Race event. Let me know what you think, and I'll try and answer any questions you might have.


Nice video! Did the "deformed" area flatten out any? Like you said it doesnt look like it effected either car.

Nice video! Did the "deformed" area flatten out any? Like you side doesnt look like it effected either car.

Maybe a little, its still cool up here...we need 75+ degrees to help with this issue. The problem with a track this long is it is hard to find a place to lay it out flat. I personally think it is just as fast as standard HW's orange track...and if it isn't it would only be by a very small amount. The trick with this track is getting it on a flat surface, and have the outside air temperature at least 70 + degrees. I measured the actual distance...and it was 52 ft of track I was using today. There will be more testings and video's to come...we are only getting started!


Just got through testing the track today outside...with the whole roll completely rolled out 100ft.  All this track needs is warm weather, and a smooth surface for the cars to run fast and true.  Depending on the type of car used today there would be some wobbling...some more than others.  But that is even true on the Hot Wheels Orange track.  The times that the cars made the 100ft run were between 6.5 - 12 seconds.  The difference in the times were due to the starting ramp height, or the type of car.  ( Not all cars run the same )  I will say, that I am really liking some the skinny high speed wheels that came out this year.  They seem to offer good stability and speed.  The next time I take this track out for testing I make sure I have my camera for some video action.  Stay Tuned Race Fans!


Did all your test cars finish the 100 foot runs?

Yes...only one car a Subaru WRX torpedo with open wheels is the only car that had a problem.  I personally think it was due to a bad axle, wheel problem.  100ft is a Looooooooong way for these little cars to go...but the next time we will have a ramp to jack up the speed.  But our best time was 6.5 seconds...wasn't too shabby for a 100 ft run.


plugged in 33 yds in 6.5 sec. = 664.32 MPH

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