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LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 5/31/2017

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I'm scrapping the two(2) 90 degree sections and going with two(2) of these

....going to be an awesome road course!!!


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The hard build will start in July and it will be done in August....looking forward to this build and the potential of a true road course with dragstrip influence.

Just struck a deal I could live with....more vintage Redline track and accessories on the way....most importantly the two(2) dual lane high banked curves.....vintage 1969 baby!!!!

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Jdub3000 5/31/17

Awesome, started rebuilding my track been gluing the brick paper onto the wood very time consuming.  I'll start a new thread about the Brickyard soon, thanks for the name.

  • You went with "The Brickyard"....I'm attached now!! — LeagueofSpeed
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Jdub3000 5/31/17

"The Brickyard" build should be pretty easy once I glue that damned paper on, was wondering where you found the transfer pieces though.  Trying to do it without velcro, might fab something out foam if those are too hard to find.

The Trestle Bridge is a known feature and now the two(2) 180 degree high bank turns, but being a road course there will be two(2) more road course type features which will be known during the reveal video. The track will be separate lanes like a dragstrip, so still a race to the finish line. The two(2) turns and other goodies are on there way from Illinois and should arrive next week. More info to come, not quite settled on the design...but close, then the hard build to make Bootleg Run a reality instead of an idea....hopefully an awesome road course that we can enjoy racing on. 

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Bootleg Run will have a Switchback with the two(2) turns 

  • Bootleg Run was never going to be a straight line, but the switchback does help keep more lineal. — LeagueofSpeed

The high bank turns for the switchback are in house, plus 40' more of vintage Redline track and something else I have to modify from original use, but it's an easy modification....all vintage 1969!!!

  • Bootleg Run won't use the center expander piece, those were for making a figure 8 back in the day and an oval without it. — LeagueofSpeed

Got the first summer vacation behind me and I'm back at the design phase, which is 95% decided upon...going to hit Home Depot for a few supplies this afternoon. I was going to custom build the start gate, but was so pleased with 3D botmakers on Tobacco Road that I'll purchase another 2 lane for Bootleg Run...more updates to come.

I have one section of Bootleg Run that will be adapted from it's 1969-70 usage and repurpoused for the road end had to be repaired, which was done today, and the other end needs some modification. I'll finish that up tomorrow, as the JB Quick will be allowed to set up overnight to ensure a quality repair.

Here is a photo of the repair...there are only about three (3)things from the 1969-70 Redline track sets that this could be...which will become known during the reveal video. The penny was/is a dexterity test for the repair and the new tab did not move downward...which is what we want.

Well if at first you don't succeed...try again. The attempt to attach a new tab just on the surface didn't came off when I gently tried to pull the track back off. So, since you could clearly see where the original tab was, I cut a pocket with my Dremel and a cutting disc and used super glue this time and believe we have a permanent repair this time.

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