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Bootleg Run Build Journal

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Went with a piece of 16" x 48" mdf to hold the high bank curves for the switchback, and it gives me enough surface for the diorama as well

  • I will get both platforms for the turns plus some left over — LeagueofSpeed

Lady of Speed ' s sister coming into town and there going to go to Wilmington NC to see their folks and taking the girls with, going to get a lot done on Bootleg Run...just me the dog and Hot Wheels for a few days. Still on schedule for the Labor Day weekend race.

I will have some structure built by the end of the weekend...all my local teams are already in the field and hunting for some Hot Rods...start getting your ducks in a row...Labor Day weekend will be here before you know it and this is going to be an epic race.

Some speed and centrifugal force will be slow and you topple out of the fast and you just might go airborne. However, just a slight push gets them through and as reported earlier the cars made it through testing at what will be lower speeds than the actual track.

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

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Mopar_Mafia 7/27/17

looking good

It's about to get real here at LoS Track Building Division.

The window sill is nice and level, so I'll have stage 1 rest partially on it...making good use of the building environment.

  • It will also cut down on the number of 2x4 stiff knees needed and it's a level point of origin — LeagueofSpeed

The point of origin for Bootleg Run has been established and stage 1 position finalized.

All the upper track sections are cut and ready for the track channel and painting. I will purchase the ground level section( level 4) when I know what I need...either 6' or 8', I'm going to cut the mdf for the curves next. Two inches of play each side of the curves.

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Today was a good day...I know exactly how Bootleg Run will be built, the space it will occupy and where  everything needs to be  moving forward. This is going to be a one of a kind track....get ready...get pumped...get excited for this race....a TRUE 2 lane Road Course....c'mon people get READY!!!! We only build and produce the best here at League of Speed Racing....if you love diecast racing and miss this race....chances are you'll regret it.

Working on stage 1 and as you can see, Bootleg Run will have the same transition as Tobacco Road...if it ain't broke...don't fix it 

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