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Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix 2

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Given that the Jet Threat 3.0 is eligible, is it safe to assume that the 4.0 is as well (No wings, of course)?

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WorpeX 6/28/19

Just went back and re-watched all of the last years event for some inspiration... them Turboa's both looked good. One got top 4 and the other looked like it might have been damaged after the wipeout, it was leader prior and then looked gimped after. Definitely feeling good about sending that one! Looks like F-Racers are pretty good on the Bootleg also!

For the second... looks like the 2011 Indy Oval with FTEs did pretty poor in Bootleg 1 and that was my original plan to upgrade lionheart with FTEs. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that a bit more!

  • Yes, the Wipe Out bent the front left matter the castings...Bootleg Run always exacts a price...had one completely disentegrate in Southern Drift — LeagueofSpeed
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MDG_Racing 6/28/19

The 2018 Champ has made a run or two @ D64, but is back in the garage for a little tune-up. Good times building open wheeler racers. Need to find some new castings to try this year also.

  • Are those High Speed Wheels on that? — WorpeX
  • No just the PR5 that came on it. Mystery Model — MDG_Racing
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MDG_Racing 6/28/19

These are Speedy Perez castings built for Red Pill Jr team last year by MDG. They were for the sub4ra Indy 500 race. I basically built the 8 of the top 10 cars in that race. These are 1st-3rd. Karlee K. is the first female Indy 500 winner(in diecast)

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MDG_Racing 6/28/19

A few more ideas of good performers

Awesome stuff Peeps!!! Really looking forward to building some Open Wheelers!!!

The front/white one is the one I built last year  and it ended up in Speed Force's's a fast car and is faster than it was last year since we've ran it in a few events just to get it seasoned...I'll be building 3 more for this year's race.

I bought out and took over my Bro Law's team last year right before American Muscle 2...he raced the Old # 3 last  year stock....really looking forward to modding that car.

These are the Open Wheelers that came on over in the transition of Outlaw Racing to under the League of Speed umbrella. So, Outlaw Racing will be ready as well.

Also...fenders can be removed...did it last year to a Formula Street. could modify the front fenders on the JT 4.0 pretty easily.

  • That is a quality idea. Those pods on the front look easily removed. — MDG_Racing

Going to build these two for the Gran the axel swaps picked out 

Hi there,

Is it just restricted to Hot Wheels castings?


  • Not at all...just has to be an approved open wheel casting — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thank you for answering. I bought a couple of HW castings online anyway. I'll just have to build a test track get modding and do my best! Cheers! Marc D aka — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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WorpeX 7/2/19

After my most recent video, figure i'd ask, is the HW50 allowed?

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