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Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix 2

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" of the most iconic track's in Diecast Racing" - MDG Racing

"...the Reapers lose it're in a world of hurt" - League of Speed 

"...the Trestle Bridge is really cool" - Redline Derby Racing 

"...that track has a lot of intangibles" - Traction Event 

" have to bring your A game to Bootleg Run" - 41-14 Racing

"...Bootleg Run, where the Hunters become the Hunted" - Speed Force 

  • And don't forget "the bridge is really cool" — redlinederby
  • That it is — LeagueofSpeed
  • It goes without saying. You have to bring your A game to Bootleg Run. This track draws the best out there and if you want to compete you better be prepared, not only for the competition, but the most challenging track out there. — 41-14
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Dadvball 9/24/19

Really looking forward to this!  Can't wait to see how my Johnnies handle the track. 

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MDG_Racing 9/25/19

"Eastbound and down loaded up truckin, we gonna do what they say can't be done..." 

Ok I'm know singer but you know the song and the movie. Can the track be won on back to back. We'll soon see.

Still can't upload pictures, videos or track directory info. This site doesn't like me or my phone. Bwahaha

Good luck racers. "May the Speed be with you, always!"

MDG Racing...Bayou City Bandits and Space City Speed 

33 Teams and 64 Cars make up the field for the Dixie Gran Prix 2...finish up Inspections and Weigh-Ins tomorrow...Team Show tomorrow and we go Green for a Weekend of Racing!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

Getting there...go Green early evening

  • Amazing field of competitors! Racing will be EPIC! — MDG_Racing

  • Awesome racing! Congrats to everyone moving on. — Go_Time
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Dadvball 9/30/19

Awesome racing!  It's a bummer to be knocked out but good luck to everybody still in!

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