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When: Saturday, January 20, 2018

The New Year is right around the corner.....let's Drift through it...shall we? Bootleg Run is test you Stockers selection skills and you Modders building skills. It's time to give the spotlight to Formula D aka the Drift Cars...and what better track for that than the Tough to Tame.... Bootleg Run!!!  

Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars 

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight 45g max (Traction Event Rule)
  • Size/Length/Height-a recognizable and feasible Drift car 
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.-2 per entrant
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc-any casting at 1/64 scale.
  • Wheel limitations, requirements-NA
  • Stock cars allowed-Yes
  • Must be drilled rivets-Yes, on Modified entrants
  • Dry lubes only-Yes
  • Misc requirements - Must be a Drift car
  • any Tokyo Drift casting and here is some more-Mercedes AMG, BMW 3 Series, any Z car, Nissan Skyline, Datsun Bluebird Toyota RX-7, Supra and Corolla, Ford Mustang and early Escort, Newer Dodge Challenger and Charger, Driftsa, Drift King and Dodge Viper....any Questions about car type just PM me


HW Goodies and a small whatever people throw into the prize pool.

How to enter

PM me for my Address if you don't have it already.

Are there any entry or shipping fees- If you want your cars back send $$$ to ship them back.

....and let your intentions be known....and with Pics!!!

Where to send your cars

^^^See Above^^^

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

Get me your cars before January 20,2018

Scoring and Winning

 Must win two in a row (with one do over per round) to advance and win it all.


 Just make weight and be a Drift car.

Tracks & Dates

Bootleg Run

January 20th 2018

Winners and Results

Video on League of Speed Youtube channel will tell the tale

I'm in!


Also, getting a 50' roll of track from Santa this Christmas, so other than having the high walled track exiting Widow Maker and Soul Taker...the track will be virtually seamless this go round....and I'm going to raise the Finish Line about 6", as the cars were catching some air leaving the Trestle Bridge...I thought the track could be better and I believe these changes will really dial-in Bootleg Run.

I’m in!! I’ll probably have some questions on what qualify as drift cars as well ... I have a few of the HW Chargers, but will probably see if anything faster qualifies.

Sounds good and the list above is a great refrence

do these three qualify?

08 Lancer Evolution Sea foam Green, 03 Holden Commodore SS Hyper Jones, 90 Honda Civic EF

yes...and the Dodge in the background as well
Thanks LO$

For clarification, open track... correct?

No...Bootleg Run where you have raced before
The two lane with the curves and trestle bridge
roger that...

Just Bumping...this race will be here before we know it. Going to start solidifying the Family teams in December, and it's nice the track is already built this go round.

Just Bumping....getting some good PM's from the community....early indications are setting up for a good diverse field of cars.....let's Drift...shall we?

I'm hoping to get a car in for this because I love these cars. Have a few castings in my head that I might try it out. Fingers crossed!


I know nothing about drift cars. I do know that they would go around a track much faster if they weren't spinning their tires so much. 

Gonna build this one, need to find a second car still.

Also my Oldest son, likes these cars a bunch and said the car I  picked needs more rear wing I'll see what I  can do.

Excellent choice...very popular Drift car
Very similar in stance to the Corolla
But Traction Event, these cars are having one big traction event all the way around the track!
Snicker :)
you got me on a technicality...



Hey guy's I know it's been a while since i've competed but I'm returning from the shadows and I'm in for southern drift!!!

Would love to have you racing with us in the New Year!!!

Almost done, just some final tweaks left

Nice Work!!!
That SX looks awesome...

Ok, so I went a little overboard in preparation for this race. I've got the 4 above cars from the beater box and I acquired six new in the blister that qualify for this event. I got excited that I had some cool stuff to start working on. So I sorted them, weighed them, tested them and took notes on my findings. Every single one of these cars is a slug, I mean slow..... Slower than molasses on wet November morning up hill in Maine slow.

So tomorrow I'll hit the pegs again and dive in the bins.

Plenty of time to find/.create a contender!!!

Set for modification

The rest of The Legion of Speed still has to choose their cars.

Speed Force going all Mustangs

The 67 Fastback is from FnF Tokyo Drift

Lady of Speed is going all Z cars...she is trying to choose two.

FYI - the Matchbox Dodge Viper SRT qualifies for this race but is too wide to fit standard orange track.

Lady of Speed couldn't break away from the black BMW


Now this is drifting that I can understand...

Ha!!! That's great!!!

I have a selection in mind just need 2 add the weight but everything i try im over the weight limit. Is it ok if im over by 1 gram, probably not even 1 gram? Its a Dodge Charger drift it weighs 39 gram without the weight. The weight is 17 pop tabs weighing 6 grams. Should i tape them on, string them together them tape them on, or do you have any suggestions. P.S. what is your address and how much do i send for return and how much do i send for the pot.

Just send shipping $$$ to ship back.
If you're not going to modify the car...just keep it at 39g
I would not tape 17 pop tabs to any car...just race it stock

Yes, 1g over is fine and the car doesn't have to be 45g...the 45g is mainly for us racers who are drilling the rivets and modifying the car...a stock car entry can be 39g and doesn't have to be brought up in weight. If you are not modifying the car, then I would leave it as is. My daughter Speed Force is racing a stock FTE Mustang at 35g.


Do i need 2 put cash in the pot


Leagueofspeed i still need your address

Sent you a PM...let me know if you didn't get it

Sorry 1 more thing, put a camera by the curves so we can see some action up close

we are going to try sometning new

I cant find the bootleg run video

here ya go


My freinds might join so we are going to be Team Turbo

They will be borrowing my drift cars so just send them back to me

will do

Are you going to brodcast the races live on youtube? If not what time will they be on youtube? Also what exactly are "hotwheels goodies".

The race is basically in a month....they will be uploaded to my youtube channel...HW Goodies are cars.

Ok. Is $5 enough? P.s. I entered 2 of my friends under my account so i have 3 cars is that ok? My cars are a Dodge Charger drift, Honda 52,000 (I think), and a '70 Buick GSX. Are the last 2 ok? I told them they had to be drift cars. So they picked those but i wasnt sure i f they were legal. We split the $5 three ways. Good luck to all the competitors. "May the odds be ever in your favor", and "May the force be with". Happy racing. "Booggidy, booggidy, booggidy, let's go racin' boys".

70 Buick GSX is not a Drift Car and $5 is fine

My friend still insisted so i still entered it and some other friends joined so now team turbo has five entries. We will get them sent tomorrow.

Good luck.

I know theyre not drift cars that they had me enter but they insisted, and they really wanted to join.

Well...they are not legal entries...a car can't be raced just because someone wants to race it
This is a "Drift Car" race...plenty of time to find some legal entries

   >  ***   Size/Length/Height-a recognizable and feasible Drift car  *** <

^^^***Rule #2 from the top page...some seem to be having a problem with this one***^^^

If something like a 70 Buick GSX is sent in, well it will not be allowed into the field and of course...not raced. 

There is a bus, a '70 plymouth super bird, '70 buick gsx, honda 52000, and dodge charger drift.

two of those are acceptable.
...a Bus in a Drift Car race??? C'mon man.

If you wont let them race i will tell them they cant join, no big deal. I will just send in my oringinal 2 entries

They can race....if they send in "Drift Cars", and they have time to find some worthy entries since the race is January 20th. There will most likely be races sometime in 2018 where a 70 Buick GSX will be an acceptable entry to send in....a Drift Car race is not one of them...rules are set around here and race themes decided upon for a reason... Peace- League of Speed.

-any Tokyo Drift casting and here is some more-Mercedes AMG, BMW 3 Series, any Z car, Nissan Skyline, Datsun Bluebird Toyota RX-7, Supra and Corolla, Ford Mustang and early Escort, Newer Dodge Challenger and Charger, Driftsa, Drift King and Dodge Viper....any Questions about car type just PM me again some castings that can be raced.

Tell ya what HotWheelsLover88...PM me your address and I'll send your friends some Drift Car castings that are acceptable to race and you can take it from there....shipping to you and the cars will be free.


Got the 50' track pak....virtually seamless Bootleg Run this time!!!
Some seams were trouble for some cars last time...cleaner racing this go round.
bad ass... nice pick up there
$60 with free shipping...not bad
PM sent


Howd u get that track

The 50' track pak?


You can find it on Ebay or

My cars, and Fishtails cars... if he finishes them tonight will be in the mail tomorrow. Additionally I sent the axle straightening tool. 


Is Twinduction a drift car. I looked on amazon and it said that it was.

I'll check and rule on it


I will allow Twinduction undr the same parameters as Drift King and Drifster

What would those be?

They are the names of castings

I meant the parameters

...a feasible drift car casting

Team Quicksilver


Can i race a honda civic

Hatch back?

Not sure but it has a big spoiler

Sounds fine

Grabbed a few more drift type cars today. I'll run them off over the next. 2 days to find the fastest 2 and then decide to mod or leave as stock. I want them in the mail by Friday. 

Sounds good Brother...I'll be on the lookout

Ill test the ones u r sending against mine to see witch ones to run.

Sounds good


R the stocks and mods racing in different divisions?

No....Stock won the first Bootleg Run race...the track is a great equalizer
Bootleg Run is not all about straight line speed...and was built to be that way

Thats good my honda civic is faster threw turns

Traction Event and Fishtail Racing are in house...Fishtail Racings GTR is headed into the League of Speed workshop to re-attach tail to come.

We were both concerned about our wing integrity ... I think the Z wing is prime for damage... thanks for the repair
No problem Brother...I'll fix him up.

Can you graphite my cars?

You serious
Have you ever graphited a car before?

@ LOS thanks for the repair work

No problem buddy...I'll have it ready to run


Maybe just send me a link of a vid so i can learn how 2 graphite cars on my own?.

Graphite the axles/wheels, one wheel at a time I use powdered graphite directly on the end of the axle and work it into the wheel opening with a small paint brush. Pull up on wheel and spin grinding the graphite in… repeat on each wheel. Once a 4 wheels are done roll on counter top with slight pressure down to seat in the graphite.


Ok gatcha

Got the wing back on the GTR and you can pick the car up by it and give a little shake as well...seems solid.

Yes. Back in action, thank you.
No problem at all...glad to help

Got the track I just hope the red Firebird is as quick as the one CC Rider raced in the Stock Division of America Muscle!!!

Race is in 2 weeks...we are on schedule here in regards to cars and hosting...looking forward to the return of Bootleg Run!!!

My cars will be in the mail tomorrow with a few goodies for prizes. 

Sounds good Brother...I'll be on the lookout

Ive got my entries and LegionofSpeeds entries hes my friend. They are in the same box. Mine are: Honda civic, Twinduction, Honda 52,000. His are: Dodge Charger drift, and the Ford Mustang GT. I will send them off 2marrow. P.s. i put the entries on the same entry form for both me and LegionofSpeed. Hope theyre legal. "Booggidy, booggidy, booggidy, lets go racin' boys". "May the odds be ever in your favor". "May the force be with you". "Kachow". "Speed, I am speed". Good luck and happy racin'. See you at the finish line.

It's two (2) car's per have three (3)..
..choose two (2) and send them in.

SEE ABOVE...It's two (2) car's per team.

....and Legion of Speed??

...your friend needs a name change.

Legion of Speed is my combined family racing name.
No one will run on my track using Legion of Speed...sorry

Oops ill take the civic and Twinduction 


Why does he need 2 change?

My team: civic, and Twinduction 

His team: honda 52,000, and dodge charger drift


We got rid of the ford mustang gt's way to close to my name.'s the name my family uses for all of us combined 

Ok ill tell him

Graphited and ready 2 go.

"I'll put it simple. If you're goin' hard enough left, you'll find yourself turnin' right."

-Doc Hudson, cars 1

My cars should be there Wednesday. 

Sounds Good!!!

Ill send them 2night

I'll be on the lookout

Outlaw Racings car's are getting here today along with DVB's.

1/4 Mile Club, WK Ride RT and Pony Up Racing getting dropped off here this weekend.

1/4 Mile Clubs son is back in the field...dropping Havoc Racing and going with FnF Racing.

....and my Father in Law (Lady of Speed's Dad) is getting involved, tried to get him to go by Grandpa Speed, but he's staying true to his lifelong hobby hence....Train Guy Racing...still cool to have him racing, and said he's going to give modding a try, as he has a complete and awesome workshop for his HO Trains. I'll have to take some pics of his HO layout next time I'm down is awesome!!!

Expect some team pics this weekend. 

DVB Racing and Outlaw Racing are in house.

Glad the DVB team got there.

Sending got delayed so sending 2night



Awesome!!! I'll be on the lookout

Throwing this in a tub of hot water tomorrow and then do a reverse roll...let it sit like that for a day...then back into the tub of hot water. The track will be virtually seamless this go round. Looking forward to setting Bootleg Run up again!!!

Got delayed again so friday for sure bc we might get snowed in 2marow

I ship to Utah from NC on Tuesdays a lot and the cars get there for a Saturday race.
...2-3 day priority

Monday is a Federal keep that in mind moving forward in regards to shipping cars...Tuesday or Wednesday would most likely be it via Priority Mail. Things are starting to pick up around here as we approach race week...looking forward to the camaraderie and competition!!!!

I'm working hard to get mine done. Thanks for the heads up on monday holiday forgot about it

Lady of Speed is back to all Z cars...she will be racing a 240Z and a 350Z.

Send picks of those z carz

Team pics this weekend...stay tuned


The 350Z is the same one pictured above

New local team going to join in the fun...met them while out car hunting last week.

UFO Racing  (Unidentified Fast Object)...clever, I like it.

DC Wheels cars are in house...and I promise to not mix up your cars this time!!!

Black or white car


We are one  (1) week out and looks to be another nice field for the race...I'm glad people like to race on Bootleg Run and accept the unique challenge the track presents...the sound track is in the hands of my daughters this go round and hopefully will go well with a Drift Car theme race...I hope...fingers crossed!!! get those cars to NC next week!!!

Sorry that I'm not going to make this race...I thought I might get a chance to put some cars together, but I'm in the throws of Toy Faire prep. I'll be watching from the grandstands with a tub of popcorn!

We will miss ya Brother!!!

Sent them this morning in priority mail. 

"I'll put it simple. If you're goin' hard enough left, you'll find yourself turnin' right." "Was that floatin' like a Cadillac, or was that stingin' like a Beemer? I'm confused."            -Doc Hudson, Cars

"Booggidy, booggidy, booggidy, lets go racin' boys".-Darrel Waltrip "May the odds be ever in your favor".                -Hunger Games
"May the force be with you".                                 -Jedi council 
"Kachow". "Speed, I am speed".                           -Lighting McQueen 
"Good luck and happy racin'. See you at the finish line."                                                                -Me
I'll be on the lookout
it's like he's trying to communicate, but I just don't understand...

shipping out to NC tomorrow, I'll pm you the tracking #.

Is the PO open tomorrow?
IDK i have pak mail multiple options avail
PM sent

Let me know when my cars arrive

Will do

I've been hot water soaking the track since the 10th daily...Speed Force and I are going to cut two 10 1/2' pieces today and attach them to the Drop and the top 6' section while they are laying flat on the floor...hitting it with the hair dryer off and on today. I will then set up the top section and add the transition heading into Widow Maker tomorrow and let it set...we will repeat the process Tuesday thru Friday and have Bootleg Run ready to race on the 20th.

When I convert Tobacco Road to seamless...I'm going to set the track up about 10 days before the race.

Drop and Top section now seamless...hit it with the hair dryer thru the week.

I will not have enough seamless for the tunnel section between Widow Maker and Soul Taker...will aquire that when I get the seamless for Tobacco Road...need 8', but will have enough for the bottom section...Soul Taker to the Finish Line.

Bootleg Run was inspired by the early days of running Moonshine in the North Carolina foothills during prohibition and beyond. The roots of NASCAR come from these "Bootleggers" and their supped up cars made for out running G-Men and the local police. This is a 2 lane downhill road course and has a switchback called "The Reapers Switchback"...the first turn is known as "The Widow Maker" and the second as "The Soul Taker"...get through this gauntlet and you just might make your run to the bottom.

...It's Race Week in North Carolina and the Beast known as Bootleg Run beckons and awaits.

Getting the '15 Custom Mustang ready to race...looking forward to the racing!!!

Let me know when they arrive.

5 post up ^

The Southern Utah Crew is in house and ready to take on Bootleg Run!!! photos to come.

The SU Crew is definitely excited!

Assuming I get them out in time, I'm hoping to send two Dodge Charger drift cars. Is it all right that one of them's the fire chief edition? Both are stock, though I'm hoping to get some graphite in the non-fire chief.

That's fine...hope they get here...we are not filming until Saturday afternoon
I'm sorry to say that I did not get my cars out for this event. :( Have fun with it, though! I hope i can get in on your next one

Going to start setting the track up this afternoon...I will set the bracket Saturday after the mail has run to ensure all cars are accounted for and we will start racing late Saturday afternoon...looking like 18-20 teams/36-40 cars...glad people like to race Bootleg Run as it's a unique track for sure.

Top section testing  going very well with the seamless much smoother going into Widow Maker.

Mopar Mafia and Mad Maddie Racing are in house and ready to Run!!!

HWL88 and Speedsta are in the Graphite Bay for a little clean up before hitting the you guys have any graphite left??? :)

Bottom section setting up for 24+ hrs before setting it up step is to raise the bottom/finish line section up to 8-9" instead of 6" as some cars were catching air leaving the Trestle Bridge in the Hot Rods race...seamless and raising the finish should really improve Bootleg Run.

The Transition...very of the best around.

looking good

Yeah sorry more is better

Not really
...but you're learning

is the race live?

Already answered this earlier...we video and download to youtube
LeagueofSpeed is 99.9% downloaded from video sources

where did u get those curves

They are 1969 vintage Redline track
...found them on ebay

what is your YouTube channel?

League of Speed

never mind. found it

I typed in redline derby

It's Race Day here in North Carolina and Bootleg Run awaits to claim a Champion sometime tomorrow!!!

I'm going to let the mail run today to see if anymore teams show-up, as of now we are at 22 teams for a 44 car field...Love It!!!! I really do appreciate the support and racers desire to race Bootleg means a lot!!!

The team show and bracket reveal will take place first before we Go Green with Round 1 this afternoon and upon completion of said round(s), they will be uploaded to the League of Speed youtube channel for your viewing pleasure.

.....Good Luck to All!!!

....See ya in the Fast Lane!!!!

The Bracket will assure that a teams two(2) cars can't meet until the Final
There will be 20 byes total into the 2nd team will receive 2 byes and some will get none
1st Round is 12 races and 2nd round is 16 races
Goal is to get Rounds 1 & 2 done today and maybe the Sweet 16

Sweet what time will they be posted

Each segment will be uploaded when it's done...exact time TBD, but we paste them here in the race thread once there up

Looking forward to the racing!  Best of luck to everyone!

Hopefully Wintech Racing and the Black Dragons will get here when the mail runs today...the NC snow has caused problems with shipping times. They were in Greensboro NC at 1:21 am this morning which is an hour and a 1/4 from me up Hwy 40.

Chance that FOTF has cars coming as well...I will know once the mail has come today
Racing today, or waiting on slow shippers???
Plan is/was to start late afternoon anyway and it gives some extra time for cars to get here.
Mail will not run we will be going green today

The mail has run today and I didn't get anymore cars...very sorry to all who sent out cars, but I can't put the race off till Monday...we will be going Green between 5:30 and 6.

The Lady of Speed has given me her blessing for keeping the track up longer...and it takes up quite some room. I'm going to manipulate the bracket where the rest of the field will start racing today on schedule and we will bring the backside of the bracket up to speed Monday evening and have a Championship by Tuesday evening...maybe finish on Monday...depending on Speed Force's homework. That's the plan as the Lady of Speed came up with the plan and doesn't think the snow days should cause someone to miss out on racing Bootleg Run.

Sorry for the delay....close to going Green!!!

Getting nervous

Battle for the Ages between Fish Tail and UFO in Rd 1
Drifted my wing off... :) and some epic fights there.
It actually made it, but Mopar Mafia took it out in the catch box!!! I'll re-attach today

Round 2 is when I'm going to manipulate the bracket with WIntech and The Black Dragons due in tomorrow. So, some Rd 2 races will not take place until Monday, but we will run the rest of Rd 2 and possibly even some Sweet 16 races before backtracking to Rd 2 and getting the entire field into the Sweet 16.

Teams not racing in Rd 2 today (Sunday 1/21) due to their Rd 2 match-ups with Wintech and The Black Dragons are...Speed Force, Speedsta, DVB Racing and 9.81 racing. However Speed Force, DVB Racing and 9.81 have both their cars in Rd half of their team will race in Rd 2 while the other half waits till Monday.

Sorry for the delay yesterday and Good Luck the rest of the way!!!

There is a chance that the PO will deliver today since it was a 2-3 day priority...maybe

So who do i race in rd2

Your Twinduction is eliminated and Civic got a bye into Rd 2 and will face G-Force

Drift on!!!

I find that the High Impact Gorilla Super Glue the best product for non-axel work
thanks, but if it comes off again... so be it... no need for you to keep fixing.

We will resume around 2:30 today with Rd 2 action.

Are you going to post the brackets for 2nd round?
With 24 teams I did Rds 1 and 2 with just numbers, Sweet 16 onward I'll have the names

Father vs Daughter races in Rd 2...good stuff!!!
Donnie Iris, Molly Hatchet, Thin Lizzy... and Hot wheels racing... Great Sunday night!!!
My Z comes equipped with a self destruct button!... who pressed it?
I was curious when the JB Weld was not present...knowing you that was intentional.
Speed Force is making it a habit to knock Dad out of races!!!

The Bracket

I did numbers with there being 24 teams/48 cars...Sweet 16 forward will be team names.

Each teams cars had a green and yellow sticker with matching number..easier to start out with that way.

Should get Wintech Racing and The Black Dragons cars today...finish up Rd 2 and get to the Sweet 16.

League of speed you sure know how to host a tournament.  Awesome racing and some epic battles on Bootleg Run so far, looking forward to seeing who comes out on top. Good luck to all the teams who made it through round one. Hoping I can send some cars in the next time you host a race. Good job to you guys on a great tournament so far......  ;-)


Thanks my man...would love to have you racing with us!!!

Wintech and Black Dragons are in house...they are teams 23 and 24...flipped a coin to see what side of the bracket their cars would be and yellow stickers on cars. Going to do some racing once Speed Force finishes her math homework.

4 races to finish Rd 2

Sweet 16

Two Battles between the Sisters of Speed in the Sweet 16!!! The smack talk has begun!!!
Nice job 9.81 Racing with 2 cars in the S16

Did speedsta not advance the dodge charger drift?

Got smoked by Wintech Racing

Speedsta was taken out by Wintech Racing in the Rd 2 wrap up.

We are down to the Elite 8!!!

...Sweet 16 and Rd 2 wrap up is downloading now and should be up in a little while.

...some great racing!!!

Finally finished more of the diorama on Bootleg Run today as well

Great Racing!!!! Enjoy!!!
I drifted into the grandstands, good show... best of luck to those still in the hunt!

Thanks for holding everything up for us to race

No problem at all..hate you guys missed American Muscle.

We Crown a Champion tomorrow!!!!

.....but the Beast known as Bootleg Run will make you earn it!!!

You going to do an elite eight intro before warm ups?
Thinking about something...maybe an Elite 8 show before going Green.
2 thumbs up. Something to build the moment (plus I forgot who is in the semi-finals)
We are just to the 1/4 Finals now....I don't know who's in the semis yet either :)

Are you sending our cars back

When the race is over...I'll send all the cars back...I make one post office run..not several

The Elite 8

We crown a Champion tonight
3 Modified...5 Stock

And you said it was a stock entry that won last year, right?

As much as I enjoy trying to modify a car I usually can't make it much faster than the stock model. Mostly because I can't commit the time to really do it like others. So lately it's just finding something fast and adding graphite hoping to at least be competitive. 

I'm excited to see #15 doing so well.   Good luck to all in the Final 8!

Yep...Bootleg Run is not all about straight line speed
Happy for DVb going deep into the late rounds
Congrats to all racers that made it this far

We have a should be up soon!!!

Please...No Spoilers Until the Champion Responds.

Are you kidding me?  WooHoo!  As the races wound down I was hoping but the competition is so tough I didn't think it was possible. 

Thanks for the awesome racing on a great track and congrats to all who participated!

Nice work and racing all around... Great to see you at the top of the heap!!!

So is it indy, f1, and rolex cars? If so let people enter 3 cars b/c ive got 1 fast one of each

Formula 1 and Indy car style...and it will be 2 cars

That was a lot of fun and I thought the changes made a difference to the track. I never want to take the teeth out of Bootleg Run, but I wanted the racing cleaner than the first go round. I see a couple more things I'm going to tweak for the next race...overall I'm very pleased with the maturation of Bootleg Run.

Congrats to DVB, as that car was quick and agile from the first race to the Championship...and now Stock entries have taken the crown in the first two races held on Bootleg Run...once again...job well done DVB!!!

A special Shout-Out to my daughter...Speed Force Racing on another fantastic job on the videos and editing of the race...I couldn't do this at the level we do without you...and great job on your 3rd place finish!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the race and I truly appreciate being trusted enough with your cars and the faith from the communiy that goes into hosting a race. Thanks so much!!!

Next up for Bootleg Run...Bootleg Run - Dixie Gran Prix. Date TBD in 2018.

Peace my Brethren - League of Speed 

I'll get the cars shipped out between today and Saturday

The rest of the Legion of Speed didn't like seeing the hand weights in the going to bolt Widow Maker and Soul Taker down next race...and it will look better. The curves can't be left without some type of restraint as the cars move them around while racing. a washer, bolt and a nut just tight enough to hold them down and not damage vintage 1969 Redline High Banked Curves.

You could use a fender washer and grind it so it doesn't interfere with the cars
Oh yeah, it won't interfer with the cars as the inside edge is dropped down in the open square
...and we missed ya on the track Brother!!!
Thanks! I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to even think about building cars....but soon!

All the cars shipped out today except for Mopar Mafia, due to the extra stuff headed his way....get your package out Monday...and TE, your request has been fulfilled per your instructions. Thanks Again for Racing with us here in North Carolina my Brethren....The Legion of Speed appreciates it!!!

If you sent them, I didn't get them yet

Also, States represented in Bootleg Run - Southern Drift

North Carolina (Host State)







South Dakota

.....gotta love it!!!! 

My cars came home yesterday. Thank you for hosting, and my trophy.

@ Fish Tail....glad you got your cars, and the trophy is Traction Events for his win in Legends of Tobacco Road - American Muscle Modified Division.

...I'm assuming TE is your Dad?

we got it straightened out, and yes FT is my son
Good Deal...see ya on the Track!!!

My cars arrived safe & sound yesterday thank you. Love the mini trophy. It will be displayed with the car on my LJLRC trophy shelf. 


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