Bought 102 cars this past weekend...

Jobe Wednesday, 6/30/2010

Was up in Fort Worth (Texas) this weekend visiting my parents. Perused the local craigslist ads and there was a guy clearing out some of his collection for 40 cents a car! By the time I got there he had sold alot but I eneded up buying 80 cars at 40 cents each, about 12 at 75 cents and I picked up some FTE cars at a local auto swapmeet! So I ended up with 102 cars by the end of the weekend! Most of these will be give aways/prizes and plans for upcoming races. Want to have an all out FTE challenge and see what wins!

Anyway, thought I wold share my goodies.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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redlinederby 7/1/10
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That's a lot of cars, damn. If I came home with 102 cars my wife would shoot me, even if they were free. Gotta say, I am running out of room for all my cars. I have the hardest time keeping them all organized...those for racing, those for display, those that need photographed...ugh.

Good score though, can't be 40 cents a car. I probably would have bought them and apologized later. I'd have to keep them in the trunk of my car.

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JDC442 7/1/10

That's a lot of cars, damn. If I came home with 102 cars my wife would shoot me

Hope she believes all those cars you've been getting in the mail are really 'donated' and not secret purchases

Bryan, congrats on the big score!

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Jobe 7/2/10

Well so far she supports my little hobby endeavour...but I have to find a place to keep the track, cars etc...

Probably going to set the track up for our neighborhood Independence day festivities...let the kids have some fun with my pile of junkers...hopefully not too many of them will walk way.

Just really went through the box of cars last night, some pretty cool cars...going to keep a few for sure

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redlinederby 7/2/10
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Thankfully Hot Wheels are cheap which keeps the hobby alive and well in my house My wife isn't *that* bad, she just rolls her eyes every time I stop at the pegs. I keep telling her to get out her Barbies but she won't listen.

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