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When: Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dust off those tuners... "The Brickyard" is holding it's first race July 15th.

Rules & Restrictions

  • 57 gram maximum weight
  • 3.25 inch lenghth max, 2 inch height max
  • 2 cars per team
  • Asian imports only, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infinity, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus.  Concept cars will be allowed as long as they share one of the company names.
  • No wheel limitations
  • Stock cars allowed/Modified cars allowed
  • Dry lubes only


10$ amazon gift card to winner and will raffle 2006 Honda Civic Si first edition.

How to enter

Please send 3$ for every car you want returned.

Where to send your cars

Please PM me for the shipping address

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

 All entries must be received by the host before 07/015/2017

Scoring and Winning

This will be a single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket only when it wins two races in a row. Cars will alternate lanes between each match-up.

The car that wins the final race will be declared the winner.

Stock and mod cars will race each other depending on how the bracket goes. Seeding will be random.


If car is 2 grams or more overweight it will race in first round or win to get in but not advance.  Same goes if cars are over height or over length

Tracks & Dates

This will be the inaugural race at "The Brickyard".  Drop 32", Drop length 5', flat straightawy 17' total length 22'.  Slower track then most keep that in mind.  Track is ready 3dbotmaker finish gate is on the way.

Winners and Results

Will do my best to record the races no promises though, if not I will take lots of pictures.  Depends if I have a friend to help record the race.

Love the concept!!!! 2018 on Tobacco Road.....Legends of Tobacco Road-Battle for the Pacific Rim, hopefully some of the same cars will be in both it!!!!

Awesome...glad to have a July event on the calendar. Love me some imports too, so I'm gonna try to get one in if time lets me.

I've got my two picked to come later. 

Sounds good, plan on getting mine done this weekend.

240Z and 350Z

Looking good

I'll ship these out on the 11th...looking forward to it, and we may be sending more than 1 team to the Great Northwest.

Awesome, I got a couple nephews that should enter some non-modified tuners.  Also got alot of work done on the track this last weekend just need to re-lay the track and it's complete.

Jdub, I think we're in. I wanted to make sure that the Acura NSX is allowed otherwise I'll go with the 240 and the civic.

Yeah that will work.

Track is finished just have to do some film testing and i'm good to go.
Ha, cool skull starter. Dig the "fun house" catch box too. Nicely done.
Catch box doesn't work with filming so I just used it for a tunnel at the transition.
hmmm...does not show up on phone or desktop
Cant get a good pov hallway is too narrow, we'll do more tests tomorrow before we start.

I've got 2 headed to you. 

Mine will ship out to come.

on the way!!!

I have recieved cars from Voxxer, Hahns, and LoS did anyone else send cars?  A few nephews and there dads might enter so about 5-8 teams.  Going to be working tomorrow so the race will be held late Saturday or early Sunday.  I'll post pics before the race and do my best to have results and videos posted Sunday evening.

Enjoy hosting your inaugural race at The Brickyard...and thanks for a July race on the calendar.

Thanks for entering the race, will have some pre-race pictures posted tonight.
Sounds good my brother!!!

League of Speed

Skull Bomb Paint Crew (First Race)

T.T.R.R. (Nephew #1)

Skull Bomb Racing

The Hahns

Voxxer Racing

Team K.L.R. (Nephew #2)

Diamond Legion (Nephew #3)

Just have to clean track and fill out brackets and we're ready to race.

Bad news, after the race started I noticed a defect in part of my track.  A segment that transitions from a high wall 20" piece to a low wall redline classic made the high walls go narrow.  To ensure integrity of the races I will have to postpone and re-run the race.  I'm going to re-run the races asap, sorry for the delay.

No problem here, it took me 1/2 a day to get Tobacco Road level, lane integrity solid and the track fit for racing. Run'em when it's ready
Only a few cars were affected, my test cars kept running even which made it hard to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks for calling it out and taking the time to repair. Don't sweat rushing it...we're racing toy cars, here :) 

Once you have things sorted out and find some time, maybe posting about your issue and how you solved it would be a good share for others read. Track troubleshooting is difficult and something I struggle with a lot.

So the 20" high wall track segments were purchased at toys r us, they had a connector piece that was riveted on one side and the other side had nothing.

After I noticed weight on the bottom of one of the cars I wanted to make sure the rivets weren't interfering, so I slowly rolled the car from the finish line towards the start.  I wasn't feeling any resistance from the rivets, I proceeded to roll the car up the transition when all of a sudden the the tracks sidewalls started squeezing the car.  I initially thought that I just squeezed too hard on the sidewalls and ruined the track segment so I went to the store and picked up more track segments.

I rolled the car through the segment it worked just fine, but then I put a connector piece on the other end and the side walls got pushed in.

It appears the connector slot on the new track I bought isn't as wide as every other track in the history of hot wheels(Frustrating thanks mattel).  The connector was pushing out on the bottom of the track forcing the sidewalls in basically turning a V into an A causing a pinch point for wide cars just before the transition.

To fix the problem all I had to do was trim a connector piece.  I used a longer connector piece and shaved it down with my dremel.  I connected the two segments and now the car travels freely through the track.

I will try to re-run the races Saturday just need to confirm with the pit crew.  Thanks everybody for being patient

I know your talking about my 350Z, that's why we call him Chubs

The images in the previous post aren't least for me, just FYI

The track connectors will always pinch in the walls a little bit...that's just what they do that I've always seen. My old segmented track did the same thing. It sounds like you solved it by shaving the tongues down. A lot of the guys here have made their own connectors using random plastic parts w/ Dremel to create the pinch-less connectors.

The blue "rivets" in the track shouldn't be any issue, well, at least for all normal cars...mods are another question but then I put that blame on the car owner, not the host track. Necessary chassis clearance part of the design and engineering a car.

mine are stock
Pics not working for anyone else?

I'll measure with some calipers, but i'm pretty sure the connection width is a teeny bit smaller on these particular track segments which pinches the walls in even worse.  If I let a car down the track starting a couple inches from the trouble spot then the car would get completely wedged in it was pretty bad.  Also on the other end of the transition I used a segment that didn't have the rivets, used the same connector and didn't have a problem.

I don't see anything Brother...sorry, but I think I follow you.

After watching the Car and Truck race I spent the day putting the track back together, it's level and ready for testing.  I still need to make a new bracket, (I like to do them by hand), and do a little practice filming.  Going to get images fixed tonight sometime and will post bracket.  I will race the cars tomorrow morning and try to get video up soon after, thanks everybody for being so patient.  

Can Everybody see that?

Yes...I can see it
Awesome, just about to start I'll update every round with pic of the bracket.
Thumbs up

Track is running great, no issues so far.

If anybody wants a grudge match let me know. I've raised the drop to 40" which can lead to different results.
Vox is challenging the winning car at 40" drop and 46" drop.

Congrats on the victory!!! Not a bad showing for a stock w/ graphite. Perhaps we'll meet again in '18 on Tobacco Road in The Battle for the Pacific Rim. Thanks for hosting the race, Peace - League of Speed 

What's the weight going to be?
Don't know yet...most likely a January race

Sorry for the delay here is the video, no music sorry.

Not bad for a Stock with graphite....2nd place...I'll take it. Good Job Buddy!!! Now get your Hot Rods ready!!!

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