Build Journal: Bone Breaker Valley

Clutch Wednesday, 1/5/2022

Hello everyone! I'll start at the begining, back in febuary of 2021I came across a 3Dbotmaker video, the thumbnail caught my eye, my wife suggested watcing it, so we did and i loved everything about his videos, production and the sound loved it! made me smile, and the landscape, i was like wow! that looks awesome! It also lead me to Chaos Canyon love the custom tracks they have. im an artist by nature, dabble in alot of diffrent mediums, but never miniatures..played with hotwheels and matchboxes as a kid and had no problem playing with them again! I was inspired and started planning in my head where i could build my own track and setting.

early set up before i added the jump start and the skull drop, I used more cardboard for the cliff sides and foam for detail, I came across this stuff called ortho tape, its medical grade plastertape, plastic core in the mesh, a one layer cover, sets really fast,once I got my forms up I covered it all with the ortho tape.

painted it black as a base coat,then alot of gray and white dry brushing. added the grass and sand deco. lighting, buildings..and even as it sits at this moment i will more than likely make changes or additions to the setting and track..

i actually used a skull mask  i hadcut out the lower jaw glued it onto place and covered it in ortho tape, the drop was a little bit of a challange, at 1st they were flying right off the track, because of the corner before the drop, so i angled the track on the exit of the drop, worked like a charm!

I wanted to add a 2nd jump, and thought this would be a cool start line.

Just an update on the track: i decided to add guardrails...old rusty ones

still got some more decore i want to do, but its almost where i want it.

ok here it is..short test vid..theres only sound for the 1st clip..but check it out anyways!

so there yah have it, Bone Breake Valley is actually still under construction, but is finished enough to race! Big Bomb Diecast youtube channel is comming soon! thanks for reading and checking out my build! see you at the track!

My 1st time on cam..but here i am!

ok everyone! here it is! our 1st race! enjoy!

finally got my 3d printer! so slowly adding my deco and people

just some deco additions, this house was made completely out of card board, toothpicks for the railings, dollar tree sand paper for the shingles, this was made by a friend, who will soon be joining me on the races.

just some more deco added to the track,

Big Bomb Broadcasting's new building



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SpyDude 1/5/22

Wow.  That is quite a wicked track you have there, amigo, very hardcore.  I like it, and you have done a hell of a job building and documenting it.  Well done.

  • Thank you so much! I loved every minute of building it! Can't wait to get some footy posted! — Clutch
  • Looking forward to racing on it one day. — SpyDude
  • hey SpyDude, sorry, didnt see you reply till now, I am just starting out but I dont see why we cant make that happen at some point. — Clutch

Dude that's looking awesome! Nice work. Look forward to seeing some video of it

  • Thank you very much! Love your channel by the way! And my channel is in the works, I will be posting some test videos soon! Thanks again! — Clutch
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PagodaRacing 1/27/22

Now thats origional! 

  • Thank you so very much for checkin it out! — Clutch
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Rusty 1/27/22

Great looking track!!!

  • Thank you for stopping and your kind words! races coming very soon! — Clutch
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Kastanets 2/28/22

I just watched your first video and I'm going to sit down with a beer and watch the rest!

This promises!

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