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Build Journal : Freedom DieCast Drag Racing

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We are ready for some racing. 

When I rebuilt this track, and I was looking for a timing system, I wanted one that shows ET and MPH. I purchased one from JLH Krafts. I now have one of his start gates in place but am waiting for the speed trap to be completed. Once this setup is fully functional, I will be racing my collection to find the faster car as well as participating in and hosting drag races. I also purchased some very bright LED lights that will be used to make my racing videos much better for my social media content. I got the idea from one of the posts on this site about lighting and filming videos. This is a great site and very informative.

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Stickdog 4/6/24

Where in Arizona? I'm near Apache Junction. I don't currently have space for a drag strip but I'd be willing to help out your endeavor if possible.

Very Nice set up Freedom... Awseome will definantly be watching your channel ... 

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