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Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing Saturday, 3/16/2024

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My journey with Toy car drag racing started with H.O. scale slot cars a few years ago. I built a track in my garage with the purpose of creating video content. I ended up hosting mail-in races and was having a good time with this. Things were great until a shipment of custom slot cars got lost in the mail for a couple of months, and I was accused of stealing their cars. Long story short, I left that hobby and began to pursue Die Cast Drag Racing. I sold nearly everything and built myself a Hot Wheels dragstrip. I had been using the slot dragon timing system but decided I was not happy with it, so I sold it and tore my track down. Since then, I have been collecting loose Hot Wheels and other diecasts, slowly building my collection while I wait for my new timing system from (JLH Kraft’s). As soon as the system is in place, I will have a gravity-powered 1/4 scale drag strip to record elapsed time and MPH. There have been complications with the timing system. Previous content is up on my YouTube page, and new content is yet to come. I also would like to be a part of the diecast mail in the racing community once my track is ready for racing. 


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JLH Krafts Nationals Timing System Testing

  • Lots of drag racers on Redline Derby looking for the next track. Keep us posted on the track. You won't have any problems getting mail in participants. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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dr_dodge 3/17/24

Welcome to the community!


That backround is sweet for sure!

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