Build Journal: My first track

Elements_DCR Sunday, 8/6/2023


since I hit the wall with modding (feels like all cars I touch are worse than before) I decided to build a test track. I had a temporary hot wheels drag strip stretching from living room to bedroom I used to find out what my fastest car is (Corvette C8-R at the moment). Problem is it was without support and often moved mid testing because of that which wasn't great.

I checked all 70 something drag strips over here and read everything about track building I could find here. Armed with the newfound knowledge I started. Adding a couple of photos. It is work in progress and honestly I am shit at these things. Usually I just try to do my best learn from my mistakes. This is just the ramp. Height is 60cm which is like 2ft. Downhill lenght is 3.5ft.

It is really just a start. Now I need to figure out how to do the rest. Wood will be sanded, stained and varnished at the end.

Now I am deciding between buying some wood planks to serve as a ground level. Ramp would simply sit on one and track would continue further on the others. This would mean ground level would be, well... on the ground, which probably makes every race a hard workout.

The other idea is to make pretty much the same but add some support from the ground so track level is at 2 ft. Ramp would sit on it so it would be 4 ft at the start from the ground.

2023_08_10 update

I just ordered start and finish gates from JLHKRAFTS. So that part of the build is hopefully covered.

2023_08_16 update

I have found these in my local hardware store. They seem to be a perfect fit. 20mm x 2mm x 2 m aluminium strips. I am planning to insert them into hot wheels track. Still need to fasten tham to the wood construction under but hopefully they should make track itself rigid and bit heavier. They would probably also eliminate the need for plastic connectors. Therefore I could cut both ends of the plastic track (part with dot holes and half circle for the connector). Meaning connections would be bit smoother.

I think I have a working solution. Found these plastic strips they are very tight fit, flexible but at the same supporting the track very well. I used double sided tape for outdoors between wood and plastic strip and it holds track in place without any issues. Quite pleased with this solution. I can get rid of plastic connections now and cut the track on both sides to get rid of the holes as well. I am probably going to use plastic glue to melt separate pieces of track together when in place. Now I need to wait for my start and finish gate so I know how much space between two track lines I need so everything lines up.


Looking good so far dude' what is the overall planned length? How do you plan on on securing the track to the wood?  

  • Thank you! I wanted to make it a quarter mile in 1/64 scale but do not have that much space. So I am settling for one-eight of the mile which should be 3,14m so 10,3ft. So this downhill ramp section should be around one third of the whole track. — Elements_DCR
  • I am not sure how to fasten the track to the wood surface. I was thinking about popsicle stics but after some test fitting it appears to not be a working solution. It would work for the flat sections, kind of, but there would still be some wiggle room. Maybe we have weird dimension popsickle sticks over here. I am thinking now to do two sets velcro strips - one for each car lane. Each strip consisting of one part glued to the wood and the other part glued to the hotwheels track. Another option I am considering are lego base plates screwed to the wood or 3M double sided tape holding track to the wood. However this issue will be solved once I have track finished and start and end gate installed. — Elements_DCR
  • Depending on the thickness of the wood on the hill, you could use washers and magnets to keep the track down. I did that on mine and results were good. — redlinederby
  • Yes for sure washers are an option too. I just made it so it would break my heart to screw them in at the moment. I will keep that in mind if everything else fails though! — Elements_DCR

Magnets and washers is a great idea. Easy to move around too. With just a 10 foot flat section, the cars are going to going pretty fast after the starting hill.... make sure you have a nice and thick yet soft stop section at the end. Or those cars are gonna go flying through your walls! 

  • Haha yes. I am thinking to maybe instal 180 turn after finish line to have cars use the energy to come back to the start. That way I can just grab them for the second run with switched lanes. — Elements_DCR
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dr_dodge 8/8/23

nice wood work should look pretty cool

I am a big fan of washers, too

the way I did my bridge would work good, as all the aluminum strips are only 3'

slide the track off and stow, if needed

the washers, by themselves just slid into the groove also can be used to weight the track down, helps stop it moving, too

vid of the bridge below

the thread:


  • Thank you for the links. Very elaborate construction. I took time to go through everything in the listed thread. Also nonrelated stuff about the spitfire and geodome were interesting read. Thank you for sharing. — Elements_DCR
  • you are very welcome, good luck on the build! — dr_dodge
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