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Build Journal: Ozark Mountain Speedway

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Sounds Sweet! I'd like to race there sometime!

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JBlotner42 1/23/24

Ran 6 to see how they did. Can't wait for my new corners. This track is so much fun. Now that its not so stinking cold I can work on it again.

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JBlotner42 1/27/24

Doing some tests and getting times before I install the new corners. They came in today!!!!

I am amazed how well Feral Patrick's method for adding graphite works and how much of a difference it made for a few cars that struggled it the first two turns.

Ill post my data sheet later once I finish the last 11 cars.

  • Your track looks awesome! — RC_Attucks
  • Thanks RC. Yours is coming along nicely as well! — JBlotner42
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JBlotner42 1/28/24

First corner assembled. It's a bit wider than the old corners so the second long straight needs to come out from the wall about 4 or 5 more inches. Will get it cleaned up and installed this week along with it's partner for turn 2.

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JBlotner42 1/29/24

I finished testing with the original Turn 1 and Turn 2.
Lane 1 is faster than Lane 2 by about .50 of a second in most cases due to the way the first corner works but that will all change with the new ones installed this weekend and then we get to test again!

Times were taken by hand with a stopwatch so they may be a little off, maybe +/- .05 for reaction time.

Not all cars got graphite and you can tell which ones didn't by the longer times.

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JBlotner42 2/1/24

New vs old

First of two installed.

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JBlotner42 2/3/24

New corners are in. Some small adjustments need to be made but they run so good and look so nice.

  • looks good! — dr_dodge
  • Looking good. Can't wait to start on my own track again. — Big_Marv
  • you'l get there — dr_dodge
  • what scenery style are you thinking? — dr_dodge
  • If you have ever been to Branson, or anywhere in Taney County, think that style rock face for the mountian part up top and some green areas for the lower sections — JBlotner42
  • Your track looks awesome! I'm inspired — RC_Attucks
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JBlotner42 2/5/24

Cars are all weighed and graphited up.

I got 2 cars tested at lunch today. Times are already looking better.

Times are done by hand with a stopwatch on my phone so they are not exact. but so far everything runs about a second faster. Need to measure the track again with the new corners too.

I upgraded my start gate to include a latch to hold the drop plate in place so I don't have to hold it while loading cars.

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