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Build Journal: Ozark Mountain Speedway

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Your Track is looking Awesome..... I cant wait for your next updates... Exciting to see cars running down the track ... Cant wait for opening day.. Im in the KC area and will have a car ready to send out your way...

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JBlotner42 2/25/24

Doing some work on video editing and camera placement. I think I found a decent enough editor in CapCut for now. I'm using 4 Samsung A03's for my cameras. (my phone and my wife's phones as well as 2 others I broke the screens on, D'oh)

Let me know what you think.

  • Great track Iayout! And I love that you’re using the scientific approach. Keep up the great work — Zamak_Speed_Shop
  • Awesome layout — 41-14
  • Thanks guys! — JBlotner42
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JBlotner42 3/2/24

Testing the camera mount for turn 4 static cam. Would have had 2 more cameras going but 2 of my old phones decided to do system updates when I went to go shoot.

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JBlotner42 3/13/24

Who needs expensive camera/phone mounts? PVC and cardboard and a bit of hot glue and we jamming.

Here is the results.

  • The creativity amongst this community of Redline Derby is fun to see. Nice job! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Man, this track is getting better and better (I guess that's kind of the point though), and the speed and looks are awsome still! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • Thanks guys! — JBlotner42
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JBlotner42 3/14/24

Got this from a co-worker for his entry into the race I'm setting up for my fellow support agents.

Diggin' the layout! And I appluad the creativity with the cam mounts. 

  • Thanks! I had a bunch of leftover pieces from the chicken run I built so it worked out great! — JBlotner42
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JBlotner42 3/17/24

Small changes to Turns 3, 4, and 5.

Looks like it is coming together.. Cant wait to see it in action... 

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JBlotner42 3/17/24

Made some changes to the turn 3 entrance. It used to be split lane right into the corner which caused the outside lane to come in at an angle vs the inside lane. By adding a length of open track it eliminates that and allows both cars a chance to take that turn at an optimal angle.

I also attached turn 4 to a single piece of wood level that corner better and remove some of the sway and bumps it had before. Also re-did the center area with better paper.

Finish Line got an upgrade as well. Moved the camera mount to look more like a Billboard.

Wide shot of the whole setup.

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JBlotner42 3/25/24

Got testing done with all my cars on the new layout.
The numbers are interesting but not unexpected. No one lost or gained more than .5+/- of a second which is fine. The issue with excessive spinning out in the open section of the track has been resolved. Cars can still spin out, but much less frequently resulting in more consistent lap time. Looks like 11 seconds is the time to beat to be ultra-fast.

Did a lane comparison and the average difference between the 2 is .005 seconds. Lane 1 Avg 12.396, Lane 2 Avg 12.391.

  • You're putting a lot of work into this and it's exciting to see it come together. I'm curious what kind of results you'll get with weighted cars. A local guy in Wichita races cars that average over 120 grams! — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Thanks GTR. You have been a big inspiration for a lot of this. I'm still not quite ready to host for anything but co-workers, but I think I'll post something about a Mountian Challenge in the future. — JBlotner42
  • 120 grams, wow! — dr_dodge
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JBlotner42 3/29/24

Parking overlooking the finish line.

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JBlotner42 4/3/24

So, I'm still not brave enough to host a race for ya'll, but I am hosting one for my co-workers. I have 32 people who signed-up!!!! Most were willing, some had to be persuaded.

The Director of IT (my bosses, bosses, boss) suggested I talk to our awards department and see if they would make something for it (He was one of the first to sign-up). This is what they came up with.

I about pooped my self when I saw them. And they were free because it's "Work related". I love my job, lol.

  • LOL - @ poopin yourself.. Those are some really sweet Trophies.. That is one heck of a Boss you have.. Not to mention your awards dept putting those together... Its gonna be cool watching this race .. Very awesome job your doing keep it up.. — Desert_Rat_Racing
  • nice job selling the sport! — dr_dodge
  • Thanks guys! Im doing the time trials on the 19th and 20th and the head-2-head after that. Should be a lot of fun! — JBlotner42
  • I am completely convinced a venue would draw people and make money — dr_dodge
  • There are places in Texas that do slot cars on big tracks, and you can rent one for $/per hr. I'm way out in bfe, but maybe in a larger city like KC or St.Louis. — JBlotner42
  • A HW Cllub in KCMO area host a club drag race and not sure if they do anything other then club stuff.. It would be cool to have a venue to go to... — Desert_Rat_Racing
  • that is my plan, an all scale 200ft outdoor track, in 1/64: mt track, drag strip, rally, offroad, in 1/160 scale micro drag strip — dr_dodge
  • and sell cars, munchies, and beer/wine/sodas — dr_dodge

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