Build Journal: Santa Eulalia Formula 64 Circuit

Optimus_Dragon Friday, 7/22/2022

Hi, I am in distant country???????? (dunno if there are others around who will enjoy the sport) engaged to this hobby and having such ambicious desire of creating my own race track. I am not using official HW or any other brand tracks, instead I am creating my own... hoping this crazy idea will function well at the end

23rd of July 2022: at last taking shape! 


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Deedose 7/23/22

This track already looks great ! Are you using tissue for the road ? And I would love to know from where you are building . It is always interesting to see where diecast racing develops .

  • Hi! First of all thank you for your supporting words. Highly appreciated! I am using paperboard for the track. Hoping it handles well :) I am located in Costa Rica... evergreen and sunny — Optimus_Dragon

Succesful first test drive on the first two levels...

Today I was able to add some additional features and details. I'll go level by level I guess ????

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