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Build Journal: Shark Track

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Really kinda miss updates on this scene.

did it ever get active?

  • Haha, yeah, after a few versions of the finish line, I finally completed the track with one I was happy with. I guess I need to post a couple of final updates. It's a short track but I'm pretty happy with it. Life and kids etc, has been pretty hectic, but I'm slowly cooking up hopefully a youtube channel. Just trying to decide what I want it to be at this point. It's tough standing out with what's out there. Think I have a couple of ideas. Thanks for the interest. — AP3_Diecast
  • Dude, your track alone is already standing out. Don’t worry or fret too much about THAT. Just do what you wanna do, what comes naturally to you, what makes you happy, and the rest of the pieces will fall in place. Big trust, you got this dawg. You gonna be seein us soon. Bet on it. — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
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Andguy201 7/5/23

I love the setup and your diorama, have you started filming races yet?

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