Build Journal: The Lotta Speed Strip

LottaSpeedRacing Monday, 2/12/2024

Hey, this is a build journal of the Lotta Speed Strip.


good luck!

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JBlotner42 2/12/24

That's a good start!

  • Hey, Ozark Mountain! Thanks! The left lane was going up too much, so I put some super glue down there too keep them both down — LottaSpeedRacing

The paper mache coating is all done, now I can start on the painting part

I just started painting, and it is almost done. I'll send pictures on the finished painted product.

Two cars hitting the tees at the end:

  • These cars are my Stingray Convertible, 'The Reverend' and my '82 Cadillac Seville. — LottaSpeedRacing

I'v decided to paint my track grey. It's not done yet, but will be soon. I am using acrylic, and I've already done 1/2 lanes. What I did was get a chisle sponge brush, and did it very bumpy and rough, then my 2nd layer, I got an actual smooth bristle brush and did it over the rough stuff.

I thought that the tees would be a good way to stop cars. This keeps the vehichles not too damaged (The worst that has ever happened to me with theese so far is about 1/150 sq in. of paint removed), it's loud sound also helps to see who won.

I have been thinking of inserting the tees on the sides in the 'grass,' then putting a rubber band across the two so that way the cars will just bounce back, no damage, just a bit harder to declare who wins.

The grey painted track:

  • I like the gray. Been thinking of doing that to mine. Let me know if you have any problems with it. — Zamak_Speed_Shop

Am working on the background now!

Keep push forward!

I'm almost done with the lighting, with the red/white spiral striped straws, putting strips of lights in there for 'day' and 'night' races.

Keep it up!  It's looking good. I'm in the process of building my own track as well. 

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