Build Journal:Korea New Drag+Curve track

KkomaCar Tuesday, 11/7/2023

Hi everyone!
My name is Da-Re and I run a diecast race in Korea!

I've already played 2 games in my first diecast race, and there was even a winner among actual subscribers!

The third game is starting soon,

Apparently, there are many Koreans who collected before lace.

So, I thought it would be better to have a lot of straight tracks like a drag strip rather than a track with a lot of curves!

So I'm going to try making a new track!

Although it is not an open track, it resembles a drag strip but has some curves and a long straight course!

That's exactly what I want!

I’ll try my best to make it again!

Wouldn't this be a pretty cool track?

I saw comments asking for an additional first floor and decided to make the course longer.

I am currently making a 180 degree curve and waiting for it to be delivered.

Startgate has selected JHLKraft's Drag Race this time and is awaiting production and delivery.

We plan to operate a new league starting in 2024.

Since it was the first time in 2023, the league was not organized.

In 2024, as it is the only die-cast league in Korea, we plan to operate it in a more systematic and planned manner.

10 teams will be selected through the preliminary round, and the match will be played over 5 rounds using the Swiss system.

Lastly, semifinals and finals will be held for 1st to 4th places to select the winner.

In the case of YouTube, since it is uploaded in Korea, it will be broadcast in Korean.
We will always prepare English subtitles so that English-speaking people can watch as comfortably as possible.

I hope JHLkrafts' Start and Curve arrives as soon as possible.


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dr_dodge 11/8/23

Interesting Idea.  Opposite corners.  It would not be hard to add 2 lanes at a later date, too

Good  Luck!


  • The other side? I didn't understand very well. Please explain in detail one more time. — KkomaCar

Great idea! I think you should go one more level up! 6 curves would be perfect

  • If I go one step further, I won't be able to check the time at the finish. I also want to move up to a higher floor LOL — KkomaCar
  • According to your opinion, we added an additional 1st floor. — KkomaCar
  • Can’t wait to see it !’ — ChaseFamilyRacing
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SpoolHeads 11/9/23

Looking great! Now let's get you some track :)

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KkomaCar 11/30/23

I worked on the background and floor parts today.

I did silicone work to fill the empty space.

There is paint left, but you have to wait 24 hours for the silicone to fully harden.
That's all i am working on today.

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KkomaCar 11/30/23

painting done.

Looking good. We are waiting for your reply to tell us how join. 

  • Thank you for sending the message! You are the first overseas participant! — KkomaCar
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ChiefWopahoo 12/2/23
2020 Rated Rookie

Loving this idea! You're inspiring me to build one as well. 

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KkomaCar 12/13/23

The wood work is finally finished.
After testing, we found that not only Hot Wheels but also Tomica ran well.

Now all that's left to do is clear the tracks and create a nice looking diorama.

It will be produced as a diorama with a unique concept, rather than a typical mountain area.

We will update soon!

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KkomaCar 12/21/23

This is a new track trailer video.
This video is not yet completed.
New tracks coming in 2024!
I am so grateful that there are people who applied for the race from the United States.

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KkomaCar 12/28/23

almost done...

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KkomaCar 1/11/24

New season track introduction

  • wow, that is real nice, great concept — dr_dodge
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