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Builders Delight “Full!”

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MQHracing 11/28/23

I already talked to you about it through utube comments. Just making sure I m still good to go.. probably under bb bigstank

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MrDarq 11/29/23

Mr. Darq of Dubious Diecast would like a spot if still available please. #13

I'm still in. 

I would love to race 

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G_ForceRacing 11/30/23

Dang sorry I missed this one: will be looking for your next race!

  • Yeah sorry, we wanted to keep the first one small to see what we were getting into. We will be listing another one soon for March. Thank you for wanting to be a part of the track. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
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CraigsterSr 11/30/23

Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to entering a diecast race, and only a few find it...

  • Love the response! Sorry, but for the first we wanted to stay small for being new. We will be listing another one soon for March. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • No worries, I'm looking forward to it! Kind regards, Craig — CraigsterSr
  • the race entry belongs to those quick of the eye and fleet of the fingers! — FredD
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HSLmotorsports 12/11/23

Can't wait for the one in March!

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BadWoolRacing 12/15/23

Question regarding the wording about licensed versus fantasy. Are real world concept cars permissible? Technically HW still requires a license to be allowed to cast them. Or are we limited to actual licensed,  production cars?

  • We are ok with concept cars that were made by a manufacture. Just don't want made up cars at the moment. Thank you for the question. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
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BlueLineRacing 12/20/23

Does anyone have the shipping address for this event?

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FredD 12/20/23

pm'd you the address

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BadWoolRacing 12/23/23

Oh man!!!!!

Does anybody have the shipping address?? That is the last detail I need (and I spaced) and it isn't included in the race post.

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Uncle_Elvis 12/23/23

Not feeling real confident about this event

  • Not sure why? Just because It came on the weekend. Sorry I don’t work on the weekends. I’ll be back on Tuesday. Sorry for your apprehensions and delay. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League

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