Can I open those boxes? Don't be this type of collector

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/19/2023
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I like to say all racers are collectors but not all collectors are racers. We collect cars to race, to build, whatever. And I'm sure there are cars in our collection that we just have on the shelf because we like them, whether they be rare or not. That's all part of the fun.

But please don't be this type of collector regardless if you race or not...

What should you do in this situation?

You wait.

That's the answer. You wait. You wait until people have done their job as they're asked to do, and only then do you actually get to shop.

The cars will get put on the pegs, man, trust me. Just check back later. It's okay.


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TheMakersBox 7/19/23

I would offer to put them on the pegs for them.  You would both win.

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Numbskull 7/19/23

I would pour a martini.  

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Crazy_Canuck 7/19/23

Just buy the box... and if you're a real jerk... return the cars you don't want... in all honesty... the product is there to sell... if you want to buy it, they should let you...unfortunately it's "pallet raiders" who make a total mess out of it and disregard everyone but their own greed who ruin it for everyone else. I've opened boxes, and hung up cars on the pegs as mentioned above. I think anyone who had that opportunity would.

  • ABSOLUTELY!!! I offered to hang all the cars my self if I could get first dibs. No "Messing" about. Just clean and tidy. Which I proved by showing that I had cleaned up the area while looking for cars all laying around on the floor shelf. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park
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