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G_ForceRacing Thursday, 9/14/2023

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I was going to use a car themed song on my video's until I found out as of 1/1/23, the time for a song becoming "public domain" went from 50 years to 100 years!! Likely because all the great songs are from the 60's and 70's!

So I'm starting a post for fun, with links to driving, racing and car songs/videos.... please feel free to add your favorite! I was going to use "Fuel" since I'm a metal head, but here's one my wife told me about... I'm not generally a Queen fan, but this one I can't get outta my head now.... 

"… Told my girl I'd have to forget her
Rather buy me a new carburetor
So, she made tracks, saying
"This is the end now"
"Cars don't talk back"
"They're just four-wheeled friends, now""

"I'm in Love With My Car"... ;)


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WorpeX 9/15/23

Also a metalhead, so these are the ones that came to my mind...

Helloween - Steel Tormentor

White Zombie - Black Sunshine

The first song that comes to mind for me is, "Jerry was a Race Car Driver" by Primus.

  • YES! My buddy plays bass in a 90's cover band and only sings one song. This is it. Plus, Les is an effing genius. Got to meet him once. — FeralPatrick

Glad to see I'm not the only metalhead here. Great picks, one and all (especially the Fu Manchu, love that band).

Wild stuff bro's, more car themes songs than I thought

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dr_dodge 9/22/23

we would drop in this in the tape player as we rolled in to the track with the dirt car


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StrayDog 9/22/23

I find this very apropos for modifying cars

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GspeedR 9/22/23

My favorite car song since I was a teenager...

Rush - Red Barchetta

Working in the high end car biz, I've played this song while driving many genuine classic and exotic cars over the years.

  • love this one! Sci fi and hot sports car, can't beat it — G_ForceRacing

ok here's the song thats over 50 years old, wanted to use a cut from it before I found out about the public domain law change....

  • I'm having hard time that that song is over 50, but it is a jammer! — StrayDog
  • the whole album counts, and it rocks! — dr_dodge
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GspeedR 9/23/23

Nice one, G_ForceRacing! The driving beat is undeniable but the lyrics are almost comical. Very obviously written by someone who knew more about drugs than they knew about cars (Iol).

A few more, old school cuz I'm old haha!

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