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Cars that only YOU seem to like

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I tend to go for classic and modern muscle cars. Classic muscle and classic cars. Honestly I go for what I like. 

  • agreed... I know most are not race competitive, but I like what I like and run them... simple as that. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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JBlotner42 3/25/24

I love the El Camino but they are too long and won't fit on my track.

I ALMOST was able to purchase one back in 2000 but I didn't have the $1200 I needed and couldn't get my parents to loan me the $$.

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SpyDude 3/26/24

Current favorite for me it the Lethal Diesel. Low, fast, and mean ..... looks like a bunch of hot rodders got their hands on a military HUMMV and went to town building it into a street beast>

Plus, I won the Meal Ticket Raceway wild card shooutout event back in July of last year with one. Ironically, it was the last race before the racetrack got destroyed by a freak accident.

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Scoupe 4/4/24

The Hyundai Tiburon; talk about a total underdog, both in real life and as a HW cast. Was too early to ride the wave of the JDM Import Revolution that was pioneered by Jun Imai and Ryu, largely forgotten by collectors and HW in general. I believe there were only 5 releases before this guy faded into obscurity and maybe even quiet retirement. It performs well above average on HW orange and Fat Track.

This one's still my favorite from when I was 5. I hope to some day find a race that it'll fit into so I can build one.

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Kingjester 4/5/24

I know Fantasy cars can be very hit or miss but The cockney Cab stands as one of my favorite castings. When ever the opportunity arrives I will mod one for a race.

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