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The service I use to send out site emails has changed their terms to be pay-only, so over the next couple weeks I'll be working to swap in a replacement service.

This is all under the hood work so you shouldn't see or feel any of the changes, but should it seem like you're not receiving email notices like you normally do, please shout and let me know.

Emailing is a critical service for the site given all the PMs going in/out everyday along with topic alerts, sign-ups, password resets,'s quite a bit of traffic that needs to be reliable.

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I switched over to a new email service tonight (3/23) and initial testing appears as though emails are still going out as expected. However, if you feel like you're not receiving PM email alerts you normally get, please let me know. Thanks.

It looks like some things were a little miscalibrated and some of you may have gotten a lot of emails in row, most likely with the update notices. Sorry about that. I adjusted some things that will hopefully reduce all that.

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