Chaos Canyon Outlaws driver call

Chaos_Canyon Friday, 3/10/2023

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We are going to open up a driver call for new Outlaw wannabes! Who thinks they can build a car that's fast enough to take down the current champ, The Baroness?


1) Must be pre-2000 American Muscle car, ute or pickup truck (no tooned or look alike vehicles, must be a real vehicle). Windows must be clear and cannot be painted/coloured. Stock tint colour is acceptable.

2) Rat rod paint style only - this isn't mad max so no crazy guns etc, just rusty rat rod, bad paint, etc but you can put grills over the side windows if you want

3) Max weight 50g, but keep in mind 2 of the 3 fastest cars are currently stock weight Mustangs at 38g, so you don’t need to be heavy to be fast. Running straight is far more important. Weight must not be visible

4) Once you have a car in rotation, you can change it out if you send a replacement, but if you are on the list, you lose your spot as it belongs to the car/driver combo, not just the driver

5) Only one car may be entered for competition. However, if you want to send two cars (because we are so far away) in case one doesn't run well when it arrives, we will run the fastest of the two

6) Any wheels/axle combo as long as they are not fantasy/coloured, must look real. Rubber wheels won't run well on the track, but up to you if you want to risk it

7) No cars are returned. Once they are removed from racing rotation, we will dispose of the cars as we see fit - they may be sold, given away, destroyed etc

8) We try to give cars as much screen time as possible, but those on the list will race the most often

9) Dry, wet or spray lube is allowed but it must not be coming off the car when it arrives. If graphite is falling out of the car or it's dripping oil etc you will be eliminated

10) If your car can't get down the track in under 15.5 seconds in three or less attempts, you will not be eligible to race in the Outlaws series. Use the drag test on orange track so you can test your cars before sending them

11) If your car doesn't run when it turns up or during the season, we will do our best to get it to work, but only when we have time to work on it. If your car is glued together, we will not open it

12) At the end of the season, only the car in the Number 1 spot will remain, all other cars will be removed and won't be eligible to race again

13) Each season will have a max of 26 cars. We will accept up to 32 cars max each season, to allow for some that will likely not qualify. If they all qualify, then the fastest 26 will be used in that season and we will find a way to use the remaining vehicles

14) If your car is eliminated at the end of the season, you will only be allowed to enter a car in the next season, if there is room. This is to give more builders a chance to compete

15) Keep your paint/decals family friendly. No controversial symbols, swear words etc

16) Your car must have a name - think “the Baroness”, “Vegabond” etc not “Hugh Janus” or “Mike Oxlong”. Whilst hilarious, we will not announce them and you won’t qualify to race 


Next season of racing will start once we have enough cars and is planned to last approx 3 months (may vary without notice). This is to try and allow more drivers to get time on the track. Please note, this may change without notice. This is on a first received first raced basis, rather than traditional reserve a spot. The seasons will be rotating on a continuous basis  

If you want to send a driver figure to be displayed with your car you can, we will not provide them.

If your car fails to qualify for the Outlaws, it will still be raced, but not in that series. We will put together a special race for those other cars, so you will get to see your car on track no matter what. Timing for these races will be fitted in around other series and we give no guarantee on timings

Ask any questions in the comments section and we’ll add them to the FAQ’s below, as you probably won’t be the only person thinking about it.


  • Don’t go super low. The track is not good for the likes of the tail draggers or ultra low cars as the body will drag and slow you down, especially through Bogan Alley.
  • If your car is naturally high (like some of the Chevelles and the Charger), you may want to lower it slightly. These cars often roll over in Petrol Head and Carhooner corner
  • Make sure your car runs straight, securing your axles can help. If the car pulls to one side it will bounce into the walls or drag and slow it down
  • For your rat rod style, think about what the car is made of. If it’s an 80’s Corvette that was mostly fibreglass, don’t paint rust all over it. Instead age the paint with scratches, dust or paint a panel a different colour
  • As a lot of you are in the USA, you may want to talk to each other and see about sending one pack with your cars combined, to save on shipping but that's up to you. We take no responsibility for lost cars or cars damaged during transit
  • Make sure nothing is going to leak out of your car. We have had some show up and the whole car was dripping in oil and after we cleaned it up the wheels were slow cause they’d attached a lot of gunk on the way
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE SUSPENSION. Some cars have been sent before with suspension and they do not run well on the track. They stay straight and flat but are too slow on the actual track as the body wobbles too much and drags
  • I want to add this again because it’s key to speed on the track, MAKE SURE YOUR CAR RUNS STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Spinning or pulling into the wall will slow you down. Smooth and straight is what you’re looking for
  • Keep any added weight as low as possible, don't add things to your roof as even light weight will have a tendency to flip your car.
    Go back and watch each of the Outlaws races from this year and see what cars are winning and what ones are struggling


  1. Can I add a spoiler, bonnet scoops etc? Yes. But if anything sits outside the edge of the car it is likely to get caught on the track at some point and stop your car. Also, be careful adding low scoops or splitters as they are also likely to drag on the track and slow you down
  2. Can I paint my windows black to tint them so you can’t see the weight inside? No. You can only use a stock tinted window that comes with a standard car. Painted windows will DQ your car
  3. Does my car have to be a Hot Wheels casting only? No. You can use any car manufacturer, as long as it fits the above criteria. Our start area is slightly wider than normal and we have run Matchbox and Majorette cars in it without issues so far. Just keep in mind the Matchbox and Majorette wheels are not as fast as HW, so would suggest you wheel swap them
  4. Can I add a bumper bar? No. This isn’t the waste lands, it’s street racing. It’s just meant to be an older muscle car
  5. I have a Ford Sierra, can I send that? No. As much as we love the casting, it was never considered a muscle car
  6. I have a really fast 2008 Charger, can I send that? No. It must be pre-2000
  7. I’m no good at painting, can I just leave the stock paint? No. The best part about rat rod style is that it’s meant to be a bit rough. You could even paint your car with a paint brush and leave the brush strokes in it.
  8. Do I have to open the car and add weight? No. You don’t have to open the car at all. If you’ve got a really fast stock car (that fits all the criteria) then you can leave it and just rat up the paint
  9. Can I add a light kit to my car? Yes. That would be super cool but not required at all
  10. Does my car have to have a driver figure in it? No. However, it is cool to see a driver so if you would like to add one that’s great
  11. Can I change the size of the wheels that came with the car and file out the wheel wells? Yes. If you want to add bigger wheels you can, but keep it looking real, no monster truck wheels etc. again, this is street racing
  12. Can I sand or cone my wheels? Yes* as long as they still look real. If they are coned so they look ridiculous then no. If in doubt I strongly suggest you post a photo and we’ll confirm yes or no for you
  13. Can I use custom axle pins? Yes. We are not restricting the type of axles you want to use or how you secure them, it’s up to you
  14. The car I want to send is open wheel, like an old Ford Hot Rod, is that ok? Yes. If it was a real, pre-2000 muscle car then it qualifies. Just keep in mind that open wheels will sustain more damage. - Binford’s wheels eventually fell off mid-race from taking too much abuse
  15. Can I make a total custom car to send? Maybe. We would need to see at least a sketch of what your’e talking about. If it’s something like cutting the back off a Chevelle wagon to turn it into a custom ute, probably ok. Frankensteining 3 cars to make one hybrid monster, probably not - again a photo or sketch will help us decide
  16. What’s the address to send it to? We are working on a PO Box to publish, but for now, only once your car is ready, message us for the address
  17. If I send two cars, and you race the fastest one, can I get my other car back? No. Any vehicles that are sent, become our property to use as we see fit. We will try to give your hard work screen time, even if that is in the background parked up somewhere
  18. I’m not happy with the race my car was in and I want to complain, what do I do? Suck it up. This is meant to be fun and sometimes races don’t go your way, you get knocked out by other cars etc. If you want to complain about races not being fair because it’s one and done format etc, then this is not the series to send a car to
  19. There are two of us in our household that want to send cars, can we both submit? Yes* as long as each person builds their own car. One person can not build four cars and just submit them under different names. If you do this and we find out, you will be banned from all future competitions and your cars will be destroyed. And yes, we have ways of finding out, the community is not that big. Max of two builders per house
  20. I want to send some other cars for the diorama/background, is that ok? Yes. I can’t guarantee we will use them, but if you want to send some that’s fine
  21. Can I add a big engine out of the bonnet? Yes*as long as it looks real. Don’t go crazy here, the thing shouldn’t dwarf the car and adding weight up high will make it more likely your car will roll over
  22. Can I add a roll cage to the bed of my truck/ute? Yes, no issues with a normal looking roll cage
  23. Can I add a tow hook to my truck/ute? If you really want to but it may be worse for you, so think about it carefully before doing it
  24. Can I put ‘stuff’ (tyres, wood, surfboard etc) in the bed of my truck/ute? Yes. Just make sure it doesn’t take you over the weight limit
  25. Can my muscle car be a station wagon? Yes. There are lots of great muscle station wagons, or custom make your own version if you’re really keen
  26. Can I drill holes in the car? Kind of. If you’re talking bullet holes or driver damage then yes but if the car looks like a wiffle bat, then no. It has to have a story behind why the holes are there
  27. Can I submit a convertible? Yes, but it must have a driver figure


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chargert68 3/10/23

in for 2

  • wait will all list drivers and wannabees be elimanated ? — chargert68
  • Two separate builders or two cars? — Chaos_Canyon
  • At the end of each ‘season’ only the #1 spot will survive — Chaos_Canyon
  • 2 separate builders — chargert68
  • Two separate builders is all good and the two of you can send two cars each but we will only race the fastest of each (as long as they qualify) — Chaos_Canyon
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WallyChamp73 3/10/23

Hi, Thom

Can New Jersey Drive Racing send in 2 Wannabee entries?  

  • Anyone can send two entries but we only race the fastest of the two — Chaos_Canyon

I have been waiting for this. I'm in! I'll message you for shipping info.

James Iron Beard would like a spot please. 

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RaSungod 3/10/23

Man oh man! Been waiting fir this one!!

I'd like to send one in from myself Ra of Ra Sungod Racing, and one for the wife Lady Apothica Death of Hierogeekics Unlimited.

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Sam_Haul 3/10/23

Put me down for a spot, please!  Sam Haul of Team DRT3K

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NDeavers80 3/10/23

I'm in

Waiting on my shirt from y'all I got the other week! Racing wise you guys are my favorite!!! Been desperatly waiting for our chance to get on Chaos Canyon!!!!

Grayboys Racing will take 2 spots please!!!!

I set Chandler up and he does his own car, we're good for two at Grayboys Racing eh?

Chandler Gray
Kelston Gray

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KPS_Kustomz 3/10/23

I know we have asked you guys a few times, how to become an Outlaw, now we know! Thanks mate!

I'll see if I can build a car (or two) that's good enough.

Speedball Herman and Cpt Yasamura would like to join in the fun.... please!

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