Choosing your signature paintjob

Kingjester Tuesday, 10/10/2023

Now one thing about this hobby that's next important besides making your cars fast is making them look unique, and that's pretty easy to point out considering so many people in this hobby have their own signature paint schemes, from RLO's signature blue/purple/magenta to blanks orange/pink everyone has their own unique style, and that made me curious, why did you choose the signature paint scheme you use today? Me personally I always used green just because it was my favorite color so that goes without saying my car mods always have green custom paint


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dr_dodge 10/10/23

all my cars are different

the "build" speaks for itself

I prefer green, purple, dark blues, and blue/purple & blue/green color change

dr dodge livery somewhere

but one color scheme, over and over is not me


I've use a lot of copper but lately I like to strip the paint and leave it bare. I don't have a good way or steady hands for intricate painting or decals so I try to keep it simple for the most part. Though I do really enjoy seeing a car someone make look super nice. Glad they have the car show type thing sometimes so that can be recognized and get a prize too

For me I am Partial to Metallic paint colors, Green is Sweet. But It's more of the Car that gets the flow of imagination from a Amc Rebel thats Orange and Black, Super Bee is Matt Black and yellow, to the Racing white and Metallic Green Porshe that is at G-forces Track. Pastels are fun as well, they work Great on older cars. The Pink Gasser I made for my Oncologist was a Blast to do.

Painting Schemes comes pretty easy to me it's getting the Dang things to go Fast and at least Place! But Just seeing the Cars going down the Track is worth every effort in making them snappy fast and Eye Candy!

  • I like most metalic and metalfkake. Agree the car tells the color it needs to be — dr_dodge
  • I agree 100%. For mee each casting shows his colors to me. They can also variate to the well known colors of a special casting. But before i‘m not happy with the paintjob, it will not leave the bench ;) i had to strip a casting 4 times before it was ok ;) — Schottys_diecast
  • Lol Schotty,, It's a Bummer but one Booger and Back into the Sauce! That goodness one one car was dipped three times, I just have to be paitent. — Bent_Rod_Racing

Orange/Purple became my "signature paint" but I also like to experiment other colors from time to time.

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NDeavers80 10/11/23

Honestly my painting skills SUCK so my style is junk... Like literally I actually like making cars that look bad on purpose lol. If you watch the show Roadkill I like building cars that look like something that would be on that show

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BlueLineRacing 10/11/23

Paint them how you want. My signature paint is fast you can have the rest of the colors.

Mine will appear in the joust as a Lemongrass and seaside color and in the next tournaments will be the same.

Haven't settled into one yet. So many endless possibilities. I suck at painting for the time being, once I build more and get better and better it'll come to me. 

was going to do them all midnight green for my Eagles, but as soon as I started painting cars midnight green, the Eagles started losing. Can't do that at least during football season now.

Mine has come around to red n white. Love red, & white takes decals well. Plus it fits my Christian faith....I do occasionally use other colors depending on the style of car

My first round of signature paintjobs used to be metal flake blue color shift to metal flake purple, with metal flake pink trim.

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