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I've done some different races like this in the past, and I thought I'd do one again this year. But, this year's will be a little's the plain. Every racer will send in a red and green modified car for a modified race. And every racer will also send in as many stock HW cars as they'd like to go to a children's charity to be determined. We'll let the winner determine the charity

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight - 57 grams
  • Size restrictions; fits on a HW track wide, not over 2" high, not over 3-1/8" long
  • Cars per entrant - 2, one red, one green 
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements - open to production cars, any year, any style
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; open to fte wheel swaps...the fte's are to be axle tubes, no machined wheels, no sanding. I'm keeping this one simple to level the playing field
  • Fte2 wheels are also allowed 
  • Your 'entry fee' for this race is that you send in at least 2 unopened HW cars to be donated to a children' charity...but you can send as many as you'd like
  • Must be drilled rivets...the green and red cars must be drilled rivots
  • Dry lubes only
  • If you'd like to donate some cars, but not race, please feel free to send in as many as you'd like...let's give some toys to kids that need them! 
  • The winner of the race will determine the charity...if they don't have a preference. I'll donate them locally 


TBD. I'll find something cool for the winner

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? If you want your cars back, please include return shipping...otherwise I will donate them as well 

Where to send your cars

Send to:

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ.  07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before 12/17/2016

Scoring and Winning

Single elimination, random draw won't race yourself in the first round


The Traction Event rule will be in effect...If your cars is 3 grams or more over the limit, it will be painted pink, raced and not counted


This is a one-shot race at Sussex Raceway

Winners and Results

The videos of the races will be in this thread

sounds great...

   i may build for looks [wide white walls] rather than winning since we will basically be making some rascals happy... little kids don't care, just give em the cars... but an older kid may like the modded bodies because they are different ?

  how about we send c10 some of our track parts that we have moved beyond, he could get the KIT to a local group that helps the kids that need help? ...

   i will build / donate a sloppy starter if we decide to do a track set...

 ..                                                    go santa go !


From understanding of the rules , No " Wheel limitations, requirements; open to fte wheel swaps...the fte's are to be axle tubes, no machined wheels, no sanding. I'm keeping this one simple to level the playing field."

The question I have, are we able to work on the chassis, add or subtract,THAT WILL NOT alter or modify the wheels or axles, as stated in rules. 

I have 5 sets of FTE wheels that I can use for racing, between two cars.  I do not have a good set of wheels.  Have to work with what I have.   


Voxxer Racing

Research and Development   

Yeah, you can alter the chassis to fit the wheels

Voxxer is starting to get cars ready...

Red and Green... Check

Wow !!!

Team Voxxer Racing...

i like the matching body style thing...
Set of Vettes... Cool

Chris, my cars shipped out today... along with a few cars for the kids  :)


This truck reminds me of how I used to paint piggy banks on Christmas day when I was a kid.

These will be shipped out on Monday. 3 1/8 inches long and 57 grams. Happy Haulidays!

Pair of 150's... nice

Hey RLD racers... good cause here... you get to have fun playing with your cars... kids/charity gets a know good stuff... 

You still have time to mail in a team of cars.

Agreed...get them sent in...there is still time!

It's been a crazy week around here...a crazy past few weeks, actually...but, this race will be going on this weekend.

I have some plans for tomorrow  afternoon, so the race will either be a Saturday night race, or, more likely, a Sunday noon-time race. I'll know more tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned!

You making everyone a scarf for Christmas?? I like earth tones. LOL
Just kidding Bro. I hate HATEHATEHATE spell check too.
Today, in fact, my wife sent a text to her daughters
To expect three pigs to arrive at her door next week. We ordered some stuff from ebay. LOL
Okay, Boone...I'll get working on some ear muffs for ya :)
Earmuffs, to go along with the scarf....kt's been cold here...I guess I'm just thinking about staying warm!
Lol. All the "??'s" was me sending happy faces and hiphiphooray arms up emogi's. Lol

Nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh? my 'Green' car is ready...

Nothing like a hemi powered '32 to wake things up a little :)

Holy Heck, that car is SWEET!! ????
Green looks good... great paint on that casting

Well, the weather caneled my plans, so it looks like we'll have another Saturday Night Shootout. ..and that way,,I'll have time to finish my Red car!

Smitty has been so busy working on his real Hot Rod that he was able to get these two quite ready...

But, he did give me a bag full of stuff to donate when I was up there last weekend...and I got to see what he is building, and I'd be out in shop as much as possible too!

A nose-high '40 Ford Sedan and a Hemi powered '32 make up my team...

Since Smitty has been hard at work on his hot rod, I'll let him drive the Gasser '40! What should be the team name, Smitty? Sloppy C10? :)

sounds good here... roll 'em !

The team pics and car #'s for tonight's race...

I'll have the bracket posted before the race...Good luck to everyone!

Roll em... nice team shots

It's a little hard to see, but here is the bracket...

It worked out that the red cars are racing each other and the green cars are racing each other....and just to prove that I didn't plan it...

So, it will be a Green car vs a Red car in the finals!

Ho Ho Ho!!

sweet match ups

Have you been naughty or nice?

Here's Round One...

Round Two...

And, the Finals...

congrats, nice win !

Tight racing...Great action... Track Surgeon brought his A game... great builds all around!!!

Congrats Traction Event...that car was quick! And also, Track Surgeon, those trucks were both good runners! But, most important, thank you, everyone, for the contributions!  At this time of year...and, at all times, is really nice to give. We are all very fortunate to be able play around and compete with these cars...but, there are a lot of people that are less fortunate...a simple gift goes a long way :)

I have the cars from this race and from the Fifties race and I will send them back after the holidays...I'd hate to have them get lost in the shuffle! 

Thanks again! And I'll see ya in lane two!

I've raced a lot better than before!

solid builds

Thanks, just squeaked past TS for the win in this one. 

Thanks for hosting C-10

Congrats to those who entered and donated cars for kids. 

I haven't received my entries yet.

Sorry for the delay...I've been working all of my waking hours on getting stuff ready for Toy Faire...I'll get them back to you soon

Did my entries get mailed out yet?

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