Clutch Mountain Contender Series

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
Hosted by WeRaceDiecast
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WeRaceDiecast Monday, 7/12/2021


The Contender Series is an on-going Driver Based League that is held on WeRaceDiecast's Clutch Mountain. The League will have 1 champion and 15 ranked drivers. An initial Tournament will be ran to crown the initial champion as well as the top 15 ranked drivers. The Drivers for this initial tournament have already been selected (See Below). Future Drivers will have the opportunity to enter the league as well via an Entry Race; BUT they will have to win an Entry Race in order to enter the league as an unranked driver.

Note:  This is a new series and is in the planning phase. As things change this page will update. Any questions or concerns feel free to comment or private message us. If something doesn't make sense, let us know and we will try to work it out.

Initial 16 League Drivers:

  1. Dom Woodley, Dom’s Tuner Shop, #17, USA
  2. Oliver James, Transport Diecast Racing, #19, USA
  3. Donavan “Gray Wizard” Kinyon, Golden Owl Tattoos, #77, USA
  4. Glenn Harding, Glenn’s Car Creations, #27, USA
  5. Cody “Ironman” Irons, Irons Diecast Racing, #42, USA
  6. Chad "Daddy G" Giron, G4 Diecast Racing, #4, USA
  7. Robert "Rubber Tow" Manore, Monster Motorsports, #80, USA
  8. John “Mr Darq” Kuhn, Darq-Arts, #13, USA
  9. Bob “Sneaky Bob” Stoner, Vapor Racing, #21, USA
  10. Alex, “Big Al” Sulanke, Big Al’s Customs, #16, USA
  11. Adam “Crazy Canuck” Hutchings, White Nuckle Speed Shop, #53, Canada
  12. Andy "Flyin" McBrian, Madness Motorsports, #24, USA
  13. Ryan “R-Lo” Lopez, R-Lo Racing, #69, USA
  14. James "Kirk" Elliott, Fractal Panda Racing, #8, Scotland
  15. Mary Death, Maker’s Box Motors, #66, USA
  16. Willy “Wildman” Maykit, Willy Maykit Diecast, #9, USA

Driver Based

One of the destinguishing features is this series is DRIVER-BASED, not CAR-BASED. Every time a group of drivers is selected to be in a race, they will have to build a NEW car to compete in a theme styled race. Then, based on how each driver performs in a given race will effect their ranking. 

Example: We may run a 4 driver race that involves the top 4 ranked Drivers (4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st overall ranked). Based on each Drivers performances will effect what their ranking is after the race is conducted.

Drivers will be selected based on availabilty, matchups, and current ranking. Time will tell how often races will be ran, but drivers will need to be willing and ready when they are called on to race; if they are unavailable they could potentially lose points as a result; this all depends on the situation.

Types of Races

Standard races will be 4 Driver/Car events. We will also run 6 and 8 Driver/Car events as well. Additionally, the reigning champ will have to defend his title via 1v1 Matchups from time to time.

While things are still in the initial planning phases, we are looking at running an annual Open event that would feature 16 NEW Drivers and give them a chance to join the league. 

Lastly is the Entry Race. It will be a 4 Driver/Car event where the winner will get Entry into the series as an Unranked Driver. 

Theme Styled Races

With the exception of the initial tournament, all races in the Contender Series will be Theme based. The themes will change each race, but one might be Vans, Trucks, Convertibles, Modern Ford Cars, Fast and Furious, JDM, American Muscle, Super Cars, etc. 

The point of the themes is to race common cars against each other that feel like they are supposed to race against each other. 


The schedule is a work in progress. It is not meant to be a weekly racing event. As we get the series started, it will be raced as we get the cars in, and setup lineups. As the series progresses and the channel grows, things may change. So if you are a driver, you will not be expected to send in NEW cars every other week/monthly. There will be some sort of rotation that gives everyone the chance to compete. Some may compete more than others; depends on availability, rivals, good matchups and the current rankings. But if you are interested in joining the league at some point, just be aware that there will be a schedule and missing a race could affect your rankings (again will be a case by case basis).

Scoring System

The scoring system won't be public, but only the top 15 will be publically ranked. All drivers will be ranked behind the scenes, and determining how drivers move up and down the rankings will be decided by performances.

Ranked Drivers

Series has yet to start.

Initial Tournament: TBD

Champion: Vacant

  1. Vacant
  2. Vacant
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant
  6. Vacant
  7. Vacant
  8. Vacant
  9. Vacant
  10. Vacant
  11. Vacant
  12. Vacant
  13. Vacant
  14. Vacant
  15. Vacant

UnRanked Drivers

No Unranked drivers in the series yet. 

Cue of Drivers Interested

If you are interested in being a Clutch Mountain Contender Series Driver and want to jump in the cue, private message us on Facebook (Dave WeRaceDiecast, Admin for the WeRaceDiecast Group) and we can get you added. The only prerequisite you need to get in the cue is experience modding and painting cars. Cars must look good for the series.

Cued up drivers will be managed privately and Entry Races will come out slowly. We will reach out to you when you get into an Entry race and feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

Standard Rules

These are the standard rules and are subject to change. Per Event rules may also be posted as well. 

  • Must be modified
  • 60g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Cars MUST look professional and clean (you be the judge, ask if you are unsure).
    • All Cars will be in a YouTube video so we want them to good. Also the best looking cars will likely get featured in Thumbnails
  • Absolutely no controversial/political/sexual graphics or designs.
    • If you are unsure, just ask.
  • Driver Number must be on each Door and on Roof
    • Number must contrast with the cars paint job. IF dark colored base paint, use a light colored number
    • Must be readable from the camera
  • Retail axles and wheels only. FTE/NPA axles allowed.
  • No additional items attached to car.
  • Added weight must be concealed in the car.
  • Dry lube only

Initial Tournament Rules

These are the additional rules for the Initial Opening tournament.

  • All standard rules
  • Cars only (no trucks, vans or anything)
  • Licensed only vehicles
  • No convertibles
  • Due to us by: August 30th, 2021

The intial tournament will be a 16 car bracket tournament. Groups of 4 and top 2 will move on to next round till the champion is crowned. The rankings will be determined based on earned points. Any tie in points will be decided by us based on how we feel each car performed.


Racing will be on the Clutch Mountain. View track profile and specs



Cars are given a grace of 1g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not run. If this happens, we will reach out and try to work something out; case by case basis.

Sending and Receiving Cars

When sending in cars, please refer to this page for how we handle shipping cars back and forth. Cars will be mailed back to the sender after the races have air'ed on YouTube.


There are no official prizes currently. The channel is still small and we can't afford anything at this moment. BUT in the future, we want to do something. If the channel takes off and the series does well, we would like to one day to t-shirts for every competitor, shirts for the champion, shirts for big tournament winners, and other things. Only time will tell how well this goes, but we have high hopes for it!


Any questions or concerns? Anything that doesn't make sense. Comment below or private message us so we can get it worked out. This will be a living page and update as new events are happening. Thanks for any interest!


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MrDarq 7/12/21

This is going to be awesome!! ????

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Crazy_Canuck 7/12/21

It has begun...

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ShanShan 7/12/21

This is going to be very cool. Hopefully Down Squad Racing can work a way into it. 

  • Yes sir, just contact me via facebook and I can get you down in the cue for an Entry Race. Once we get closer to starting the Opening tournament, I'll be scheduling Entry Races. — WeRaceDiecast
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Guingoyo 7/14/21

great track

  • Thank you! Its a lot of fun and can't wait to get it ad more features — WeRaceDiecast

Very cool! Hoping to jump in!

Great track, my only criticism is it seems the same people are always racing and it's difficult to get in. Maybe you have to be on FB to be more involved. I'm not sure.

  • I hear ya, a lot of the channel type community is on Facebook. but its still such a small margin of actual viewers, and then others that are not associated with YouTube at all. This is definitely similar to some other peoples stuff, but its a spin on it that I be been wanting to do for a long time. for FB, I use that for my group. For this, communication through messenger because its quick and easy coms. But ya man, if you ever want to throw down, or want to wait and see how it all turns out. Send me a message anytime. — WeRaceDiecast
  • It’s probably more my problem than yours. I don’t use FB and if something gets too complicated I usually steer away from it but keep doing your thing. You have a good thing going it seems. — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks BlueLineRacing! Hopefully in video it will all become clear, and if it doesn't please comment with feedback (if you are around lol). Thanks again my friend! — WeRaceDiecast
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