WeRaceDiecast Shipping Instructions and Address

WeRaceDiecast Thursday, 3/11/2021

This page will serve as the instructions and Address for all WeRaceDiecast Mail in tournaments. If you are sending cars in to race at WeRaceDiecast PLEASE READ the whole page carefully.

Our goal is to simplify the mailing process with standard packaging material, cases and return fees.

Mailing A Car In:

When mailing cars in, DO NOT send in anything else other than the cars. You can include a protective case to protect your cars, but we won't be tracking cases. Regardless of how the car is sent in, WE WILL be sending your cars home in a case, but there is a high likelyhood that you will not get the same case back. Check the Amazon link below to see the cases we use. If you want to send in your cars. You can also find the same cases at Walmart for $1 each in the Crayon Section.

Amazon Link to Cases we use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B4NPO08

When mailing in cars. send a maximum of 4 cars at a time. There will be special cases when maybe you might want to send in more than 4 cars, you can contact us on Facebook or here to talk about it. You can use a large case and we will track these items and send your cars home in the same packaging.

There also may be times when your car won't fit in the cases we use. In this case, it will be shipped home in a standard 4x4 inch box. All cars are wrapped in bubble wrap and these boxes are very rigid, small, and durable.

As a final note in regards to cases, if there is ever an issue you can contact us at any time and we can work it out.

Return Shipping Fees

Return shipping Fees need to be paid when we recieve the cars. We track all the cars that come in and return shipping recieved. There is no profit off this money, it just pays for printed labels, shipping fees, protective cases and packaging material. Here are the return fees:

  • 1 car: $5 (car will be packaged in a 6x10 inch padded envelop with 1 protective case)
  • 2 cars: $6 (cars will be packaged in a 6x10 inch padded envelop with 1 protective case)
  • 3 cars: $7 (cars will be packaged in a 6x10 inch padded envelop with 2 protective cases)
  • 4 cars: $8 (cars will be packaged in a 6x10 inch padded envelop with 2 protective cases)

Return fees are only accepted on PayPal.

you can send in your fees to: discoveringmypath@gmail.com 

Please send as friends/family and include a note specifying the tournament and how many cars you are sending in.

Information We Will Need From You

You can write this on a note, message us, or include the details in your PayPal note of the the following information:

  • Return Address
  • Tournament entering
  • Car Name
  • Driver Name
  • Team Name
  • Type of Car

Shipping Address

Finally the shipping address. It is a PO box and we check sporadically. We always like to post pictures on Facebook of new arrivals. So any new car that shows up, you will likely get a notice on Facebook when your car comes in.

Here is our shipping address:

David D 

7596 Ritchie Hwy #104

Glen Burnie, MD 21060

As always if there are any questions or comments you can DM me here or in Facebook messenger, and we look forward to getting your cars and racing them!

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