Compact Sloppy Starter #9

model40fan Friday, 11/14/2014

If you are running a wood plank base for your track this could be an easy way to install a dual lane starter... You would have to cut a 2.25" x 3.5" rectangular hole through the center of your plank for the starter's guts to have room to work ;

Flat steel plate, [4] 5/16 x 18 nuts, 2.5" 1/4 x 20 bolt and some 3/32" wire;

You can see how it needs the hole cut for clearance... the closest nut is cocked when welded to give an interference fit and not need elastics ;

The Sloppy Starter # 9... slide the small lever on the left forward and it will drop the pins launching the cars [should clear DRAG TRAX and HOT WHEELS tracks] ;

Pattern for the hole to be cut and the mounting holes ;

THE Sloppy Starter #9 ... I made a dual lane track connector that anchors very close to the cars to keep the rig as small as possible... by slicing off the inside connector slot under your track you can slide the track further up for longer wheelbase... the bolt is between the lanes for that reason ;


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Stroller 11/14/14

Clever...wish I could

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72_Chevy_C10 11/14/14

So many good ideas, Smitty!

  • lazy is the mother of invention... never doubt a lazy man's motives... — model40fan
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redlinederby 11/17/14
Site manager

Totally love that this is something you can attach to the wooden boards.

Man,'s all a matter of being able to make these consistently and you could start selling them...or at least a kit with the parts. You do the welding stuff but not the assembly...drop them into a baggie and mail them out. Doesn't have to be fancy or pretty...let the customer do that.

It gives people the satisfaction of putting something together without the need for fancy tools, and knowing that they don't have to shop around for specific size screws and parts.

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model40fan 11/17/14

Something like this  B ?

The lower shaft will have all the welding done to it...[6] wood screws for the 3 clamps, they anchor the shaft to the underside of the wooden base...the horizontal bolt is to add ballast to keep the "pins" up...

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model40fan 11/18/14

Couldn't find clamps that held tight that didn't press the shaft against the wood, so I made some, welded 3 washers to 3 nuts, wood screw goes up through the washer and into the bottom side of the wood, I offset them so 2 pull one way and 1 pulls the other, 5/16"- 18 bolt for screw-on ballast which keeps the pins "up", i set it up for a 1" thick board ;

Carpenters must drill 2 holes large enough for the pins to drop enough for the cars to clear,

and a slot for the start handle - or - set it up so the handle is outside the edge of the plank...

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