Making a custom chassis

DRAGtoon Tuesday, 2/2/2021


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DRAGtoon 2/2/21

  • Where you see the marker pointing is where I slice the tube half way in. I slide the wheels and axles to butt each other in that middle section pour a drop of super glue. The glue travels into the tubes, then I sprinkle baking powder over the hole curing the glue into resin. My wheels have yet to come off this way. — DRAGtoon
  • That's pretty slick - good tip! — SpyDude
  • I like it — KPS_Kustomz
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DRAGtoon 2/2/21

  • I'd go with the JB Weld or something rather than the super glue. Super glue doesn't hold up the best on metal. — redlinederby
  • I use crazy glue with a sprinkle of baking soda. It turns into resin hard.. saw a guy do this on youtube for all his suspension stuff works really well — DRAGtoon
  • Nifty...gonna check that out — redlinederby
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redlinederby 2/2/21
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Neato! Like an Erector set, I dig. It's especially nice since it lets you use the body so it looks stock. Be interested to see how it rolls. 

Kinda hard to tell, but are you using washers as the side-axle holders? Or is that part of the erector strip just bent up?

  • Looks like the washers are being used as bushings against the strip of metal, from what I can see. — SpyDude
  • Actually it's aluminium soda can. It's hole punched with a paper hole puncher then I use a drill bit for a hole. I use these on all my cars to keep wheel from contact on frames. The axle is flat pin silver coated earing rods they are slightly softer to axl tune the wheels and come already polished — DRAGtoon
  • It rolls flat and straight every time. Camber adjustments makes them really smooth also — DRAGtoon
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SpyDude 2/2/21

Following. I been looking at doing something like this myself.

Nice! This could work with my new axle holder project too. 

  • 2 rulers slightly beveled to desired area bolted together. I place a stock axles then place custom chassis on top mark the frame with a marker then scribe a line. — DRAGtoon
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DRAGtoon 2/3/21

If the holes don't match up to stock chassis mount poles slot the front hole open on the metal chassis use a 2-56 screw and 2mm washers or (JB weld, or crazyglue with baking soda) to attach nose and rear bumpers to metal chassis and use stock plastic holes. Example yellow car. 

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SpyDude 2/3/21

This guy has got some seriously slick methods for building tricked-out cars.

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