Corvette Summer 2018 - Southern Utah

Diecast64 Saturday, 7/14/2018

Results and highlights

Congratulations to 9.81 Racing with a stellar performance in Utah. Catch all the racing action and highlights from every round below.

Hey everyone!  The cars successfully made it to Southern Utah and racing finished up this week.  They were raced on the D64 two lane track.  It is a shorter track with a low start height and smooth curved transition.  It's on a shelf which means up close action so the only way to get better video might be to be inside the car.  The videos will be up close and in slow mo so you should be able to see all the action.

Round 1 video is complete but I'm having a devil of a time getting it uploaded.  I was uploading it through the night but my computer decided to update and restart on its own during the night so I had to restart the upload today and it is going super slow.  Grrrrrrr!  Anyway, as soon as it gets uploaded I'll get it posted, but it probably won't be until late afternoon/evening depending on where you are.  

I plan on getting the rest of the rounds edited tonight and then get them uploaded as quick as I can.  

See ya on the track!



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Diecast64 7/14/18

Here is a pic of the first round match-ups and byes.  Sorry it is so small.  Hopefully you can make things out a bit. If you right click on the pic and then select "open image in new tab" then it should be bigger and you can read it better.  Although those instructions may differ a bit depending what browser/device you are using.  

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Diecast64 7/14/18

Ok, here we go...Round 1 of Corvette Summer 2018 - Southern Utah

  • Sweet...Love the different Tracks...the Vettes race different on each track....Great Job CC Rider!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Corvettes looked great and my wife called me crazy for cheering that my cars both lost but like I told her my goal is to be winless not like I'm going to make a miracle comeback so why not — NDeavers80
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Diecast64 7/15/18

Here is round 2 action.  I'm about done with the rest of the rounds, but won't have time to work on them until tonight, so expect the conclusion of Corvette Summer Southern Utah to be posted Monday.  


  • Great job Brother...Looking like a competitive Sweet 16 — LeagueofSpeed

Alright....I've got my Bracket up to date and ready for the Sweet 16 to the Finale....Good Luck Racers!!!

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Diecast64 7/16/18

Here are the rest of the races. Also here is a link to the full bracket if you want to see that.

It was a pleasure racing these cars.  Enjoy!

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72_Chevy_C10 7/16/18
Event coordinator

Great job wit the video, Robbie! And Congrats to the winner!

I was WAY surprised my car hung in there that well...looking forward to the upcoming races!

Alright...the Top 16 pretty much held serve with a few new moves by other Top 16 cars and Welcome to the Racing Action C10....I'll have the points updated by tomorrow night at the latest.

Corvette Summer rolls into Ohio next.............

Peace and Speed - League of Speed

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