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Coupe Chaos

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MarkRich21 4/6/22

I already bought donor cars when reading something like this on fb.

Would love to be allowed to send a car ... ;-))

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GoldenOwl 4/6/22

I'm in! 

Gray Wizard # 77
Golden Owl / Blue Ribbon DieCast

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Mayfield41 4/6/22

I'll donate a car for a first round bye to someone. 1 for me please

  • You want in? I'll put you down if you do. — Douglas

I'm done! LoL ...going out this week

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Sneaky_Bob 4/7/22

Vapor Racing would like a spot please

Sneaky Bob

  • Sure glad to have you and good luck — Douglas
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RandayJR 4/8/22

Randy Tooth Fairy JR ready to Race

Would love a Spot for firing up the Coupe!

Count me in for one Please.

In for the win. 


code 3 Motorsports 

I'm in 

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RAGTAG_JIM 4/18/22

RAGTAG RACIN WANTS in if there are still spots.... Have 1 started already..... Although I do have a question..... Does it have to have the original motor or can that be swapped out for a different motor....?

  • Awesome good luck. And no you can change motor. — Douglas
  • Awesome thank you!!!!!! — RAGTAG_JIM
  • “Sporting a proud Houtman …..” You KNOW Jim is going to have some supersized motor on his car. It’s his trademark. — SpyDude
  • Awesome can't wait to see it — Douglas
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Szzzper302 4/18/22

I'm in! Sounds like a fun race.

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Flip81 4/22/22

I'll send a car

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