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Coupe Chaos

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Numbskull 7/26/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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Numbskull 7/26/22

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Sam_Haul 8/1/22

Sam Haul heading out tomorrow.

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johnson9195 8/5/22

My car went out on Monday. I didn't get a picture of it before sending it out. Hopefully it made it ok.

  • No prob I'll look for it. — Douglas
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Douglas 8/16/22

i need your help anyone recognize this entry ??

Please email driver's name and race team. If no response it will be racer x. 

  • Not mine, but that's a darn pretty ride. — SpyDude
  • Nice Paint job Mystery Man. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • my thoughts too, great looking coupe — G_ForceRacing
  • Un beknownced to Speed, Racer X is his Big Brother! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Not mine, but loving those front wheels — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • Hey that’s my ride. Dang, I didn’t see this post until now. Chase Family Racing. Driver: Endcount. Where can I see the race? — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • @EndCount: Hey, if you didn't claim it, I was going to .... :p — SpyDude

I included a racer info slip, so not sure what happened. Thanks for the compliments on the car. It was a quick build that came out nicer than I expected.

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Douglas 9/21/22

Congratulations to the winners. We will be tallying votes for best of show. Go vote on merchbymeekin YouTube. 

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Douglas 9/21/22 link to vote for best of show

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SpyDude 9/23/22

Hey, where was the video for the racing? Couldn't find it.

  • It was a live race on Facebook. On 20/26 Raceway group — Douglas
  • Took three hours to run cars — Douglas
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johnson9195 1/26/23

I know this is an older thread, but have the cars been sent back yet? I haven't received it if so. Thank you.

  • No I haven't sent cars back yet I'll send tracking number when on the way. — Douglas

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