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Coupe Chaos

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Douglas 4/22/22

1. Numbskull
2. Papa Pugsley
3. Underdogs unleashed
4.crazy Canuck
5. Uncle Elvis
6. Spy dude
7.cptn zedx1a
8.wally champ
9. Boog
10. End count
11. Dretty
12. King shark
13. Mark rich 21
14.golden owl
15. May field 41
16. Sneaky Bob
17. Tooth fairy
18. Bent Rod
19. Chief code 3
20. G force
21. Ragtag Jim
22.szzzper 302
23.flip 81

All the ones I have registered. If they aren't on list they need to get with me and register.

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RaSungod 4/29/22

Sign up Ra Sungod for this one!

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Dogtown 5/3/22

I got one ready to ship if there is room

So many projects. Open wheeled deuces on a road course?  Aw dam.  Can I play, too?

  • Sure glad to have you and good luck — Douglas
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Douglas 5/23/22

Don't forget to get your cars in!!

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PuffsRacing 6/1/22

Is it too late to enter? 

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MarkRich21 6/5/22

WIP ...

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Sam_Haul 6/22/22

Sign me up if still room, please!  Sam Haul, Team DRT3K.

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Uncle_Elvis 6/23/22


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G_ForceRacing Yesterday

heading out this week

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