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MrDarq 1/9/23

Love it, some good advice here. One thing I do now when I paint is let it sit for like two to three days before I apply decals and a clear coat. Sometimes I don't bother with the clear coat. 

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MrDarq 1/9/23

My best paint job so far. 

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dr_dodge 1/10/23

Instead of clear coat,

I now use "future style" acrylic floor wax on all my models (die cast and styrene kits)

It self levels, and is (fairly) easily removable without attacking the paint

protects the paint from chips and seals the decals 

It also helps give clear parts a "not thick" look if dipped in it

It disolves its self so be careful with multiple coats, but that makes fixing holidays very easy as it will blend in

  • Do you have a brand you use? — MrDarq
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dr_dodge 1/17/23

I was using the J&J Pledge, but was informed this weekend at the slot car track it is now discontinued

I am bummed, I use it alot
At least I have a full bottle I bought last year
I hear price gouging is going on on ebay

Amazon has a bunch of others listed, but, you always hate to move from something that gives great results

  • I've used Gauzy before with good results, and am going to try this (vid) when my airbrush is back working. Createx High Gloss Clearcoat — Redline_Salvage_Inc

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