Cutting out BluTrack lane dividers?

OpenBagTwo Wednesday, 10/14/2020

I'm putting together plans for a race track build, and I'm tempted by the flexibility and affordability of BluTrack, but I'm really more interested in fat track lanes.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience just taking a knife to the center lane divider. The other idea I had was to use the BluTrack upside down and figure out my own side walls.

Also, while I'm asking questions: how does one paint BluTrack? Will something like Krylon Fusion work or do I need go for a paint / primer specifically designed to work with flexible plastic / rubber?


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redlinederby 10/14/20
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I'd think you'd be able to just slice that divider right off...just be careful. And then maybe use a dremel to grid off what's left and get it smooth. I'll be interested to see how that works. I have some Blutrack but never thought about modding it...hmmmm...

As far as paint, I don't know...never tried...but my gut says paint might have a hard time sticking, and I don't know what type of grip the paint will provide, if that's of concern to you. If not, then I'd shoot it with whatever paint you want and see how it handles.

  • Thanks, that's helpful. I'll report back my results. — OpenBagTwo
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dustdriver 10/15/20

I kinda want to get BluTrack some time. If removing the track's center lane barrier is possible, I might be even more likely to buy a set of BluTrack some day soon. Now that I think of it, is Blutrack a good choice for creating two lane turns? Does that work by any chance? 

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redlinederby 10/15/20
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Good question. But I wouldn't think's flexible but possibly too rigid to make nice banked curves. You might be able to put some slices in it to relieve some warps but dunno. I see potential for nice long straights/jumps and so on for sure.

I have some Blutrack rolled up somewhere that I don't use, I might try to slice out the divider for a stretch and see how well it goes. It would certainly be a nice, wide open lane track option if it works out.


To the original question, don't waste your time trying to slice or trim dividers off the blutrack.

You will find you are better off with time and money by either getting the Crash Racers sets, or making your own track surfaces as others have done in multiple ways. (Yes, I have put a knife to Blutrack in an effort to correct pooer track performance before)

Don't be fooled by the videos on how the track performs. I bought the edu series, and layed it next to my segmented orange track. In a two car race comparison, a car that won by a car length running on orange track, lost by over 1 metre when put on the blutrack. (1/4mile)  The poor design of the blutrack walls, combined with the "dead" surface, stops cars in their tracks. In my experience, "Blutrack" is not fit for purpose, without extensive mods.... So, the initial saving, was a total loss. (So yes, I bit the bullet and bought seamless orange track, and shipped to Aus, that hurt!)


Hi, I use Blutrak, I bought it primarily for ease of storage as I don't have a place to keep a track permanently. I really like it. I have never raced on orange track, so I can't compare. It cuts really easily with a sharp blade. The key to the track is to let it lay out in the sun, or to warm it up artificially with a hair dryer. When cold it retains whatever shape it was stored in, and it will even curl a little bit when laid out cold. When warm it relaxes, even to the point where if the surface it sits on isn't flat, it will hug whatever defects are there. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I'm very pleased with it. See it in action at my youtube channel if you like, same as my user name here. Happy racing!

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redlinederby 10/15/20
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I reviewed Blutrack years ago and I didn't find it a bad product, just kind of hard to work with. But I was looking at it from the standpoint of a standard drag strip.

Yet given the needs of these open track layouts and designs, the Blutrack might be better suited. Orange track (seamless or otherwise) can't support open lane racing as it is. I agree with CutRock that the Blutrack may perform poorly compared to orange track, but for the fat track stuff, I don't think the performance of the track comes into consideration as much as it does with a straight drag strip.

The side walls of Blutrack might be kind of short for the open banger racing but still worth a look, I think. I'm gonna dig my Blutrack out and see how easy it is to strip that middle barrier. I mean, given the Crash Racers have ridges, even if the Blutrack has a little bump down the middle, as long as cars can swing from side to side you'd be good.

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