timmo Tuesday, 6/4/2024

I've been reading a lot in the forum and think all tracks and efforts here in the forum are awesome. Now I want to share my first track setup with you:

Welcome to Dardahill

As my kid is sick and at home I saw the opportunity and got us a Darda Track. Luckily it can also host diecast car races.

At least until I find the time to work again on a durable cardboard track as I can't find affordable crash racer sets or any other wide track parts here in Germany.


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Banjo 6/4/24

Cool track! I'm sure you'll get many hours of racing fun with it. 

  • welcome to a very fine community! — dr_dodge

Awesome, Hope the kiddo is feeling better soon,,, Never know they may want to race ya... 

Thanks for sharing!  I't will be cool to look back one day and say,  this is where it all started!

Welcome to the group.   Hope your child is better.  You 2 will have a lot of fun with that track!

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321Goracing 6/9/24

Awesome!! Hope the kid gets better!!

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Phil_NWA1 6/10/24

Good looking track and a decent distance for racing 

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