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Delayed races, returning cars

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Your_Nightmare 10/18/20


When are the funny car races going to be run, and how soon after the race will our cars be returned?

Thank you,


  • Probably a good idea to cancel the races at LOS HQ for rest of 2020. Get all the cars mailed back and start fresh in 2021 when he is prepared to move forward. Things happen and people understand that. I think the frustration comes when we are in the dark and awaiting our cars for other races or just to have them back. — BlueLineRacing
  • Except hes went completely dark on all of us — NDeavers80
  • He commented on big Poppy's video over the weekend but nothing here. Curious!?! Curious!?! — CrazyEights
  • so this now effect the Z series races in January I suspect since they start at his abode. — CrazyEights
  • Yup and hes posted in a 1:1 car group a couple times about his new car. — NDeavers80
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CrazyEights 10/18/20

This is all just so confusing. Mr Deavers stated his cars were being shipped and he'd be provided a tracking number. I asked for mine at the same time and got a gotcha covered. Now its been 18+ days of silence. No cars, no tracking, Nothing!!!

  • My cars weren't shipped. I was told they would be but that's it — NDeavers80
  • This is exactly what I got "Yours cars will be in the mail this afternoon or in the morning and I'll shoot you the tracking #" that was October 5th — NDeavers80
  • STILL waiting for the cars from the May/June Double-header. Yeah, I got the "Gotcha covered" response as well, with nothing since. I never sent in my Dixie GP cars because of the delay getting the double header cars back and because the Poppa Speed Invitational didn't get run as planned.Still hoping to see the videos from the Poppa Speed Invitational. — Peter_Bee
  • I didn't send my Dixie gp cars either and I dropped out of muscle. I'll be back when things become unconstipated. — CrazyEights

Alex Eliopoulos / Secondhand_Speed

Muscle Mania 2020 (Six cars)

2021 RLD Nationals - The Z Cars (Two cars)

I am going to pull out of these two races posted above.

I am hoping to get my RLDRL June Race (Two cars) and also my Charger Summer (Two cars) back.

Thank you for your time, I hope all is well.

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Your_Nightmare 10/21/20

Good morning David,

The Poppa Speed funny car race was scheduled for July 18th.

When is the funny car race going to be run? How soon after the race will our cars be returned?

Thank you,


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PoBoy_Racing 10/22/20


  Memember name: Po'Boy Racing   Name: Gene Coombs   Race Entered: Drag Racing "stock" Funny Cars.   Cars entered 1 red and 1 purple Mustang funny cars.   Confederate Flag on each of them.

Yes, I would like to request my cars back thank you.

Hope all is well with LOS & his family

  • Yes, I hope all is ok for LoS. I wish we could get an updated report on where this is all at? For all the events that were to have been run, and to be run. The "being in the darK" is frustrating for all I imagine! Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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Your_Nightmare 10/22/20


At this point it is clear you aren't running the races.

You have between 100 to 150 of other people's cars in your possession and all our return money.

Because you should still have this return money, please return the Speed Blaster funny car and Hot Stuff funny car to me. Please advise when it has been mailed.

Thank you,


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CrazyEights 10/23/20

Poppa speed invitational (5 events) ???

Charger summer series ???

Dixie GP ???

Boneyard Classic ???

Gov'ner vs CCM ???

Muscle Mania (3 events) ???

"Z" series ???

I think people are interested to know if any of these races will actually be run??? Time and start date??? Are any in preproduction or post production??? Any can cellations??? Are the cars of those who've actually withdrawn from these events in the mail???

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redlinederby 10/23/20
Site manager

I've messaged David (LoS) to try and get some sort of status update.

Hopefully he'll post something here or at least reply back to me so I can pass it on. I know the silence is worst part and I share everyone's frustration with the situation.

I know all this has probably generated some ill will towards Redline Derby Racing, and as much as I can, I apologize. This is the risk when you crowdsource events but nothing like this has happened in past years, so this is very unique. I appreciate everyone's support and patience, and even though we've hit a rought patch, I hope you continue to use Redline Derby as a meeting place and resource for all things diecast racing.

  • I'll be at your place in December. As I stated, I will be mailing it next month because Cincinnati post office is ridiculous with mail. especially at Christmas. I will see you then. — CrazyEights
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redlinederby 10/23/20
Site manager

I got a quick update from David...first and foremost, everything is fine and happy with him & his family. There are no major complications or bad situations. But it sounds like his family is going through a lot of changes in the "positive" sense and that's impacting all the free time.

He told me he expects to post some racing videos and results this weekend. Didn't say which events or anything else. Sounds like racing is happening, it's just slow and steady when time allows. He knows the backlog of racing is long and everyone is getting antsy.

And that's all I know. He provided no further details or schedule or anything. I trust he's doing what he can, when he can. I know asking for patience is hard at this point, but that's the best I can give at this point.

  • I'm curious if he said anything about mailing our cars back. This topic started 3 weeks ago with some withdrawing from races and asking for our cars back. — CrazyEights
  • Thanks for the update Brian. — Peter_Bee
  • I just wanted to say that I, for one, hold no ill will against RLD for this course of events. I'm not even angry at LoS. I undertand that real life can throw a monkey wrench in the best of plans. The only fault here lies in the fact that David simply loves this hobby too much, and, even though time would not allow, he still planned and announced new events when he started falling behind. Instead of adding to a backlog of events, he should of just cancelled events until he get caught up, and then, when his time began to free up, start planning more races. But that's water under the bridge now. I am hoping I see the videos from the Poppa Speed Invitational soon, and that I get my cars from the May/June Double-header back soon also. Take care and see ya at the races! — Peter_Bee
  • I didn't get any more specific info from LoS than what I shared. I got no word on unraced cars getting returned. I'm guessing PMing him doesn't yield much but that's all I can recommend if you want your cars back early. I'm not gonna pass notes for everyone — redlinederby
  • Sounds good excited to see some racing. LOS will get around to it all eventually im sure. — Mattman213
  • Really. we were told to post in this thread thread over three weeks ago if we wanted our cars returned. Which I and several others did. Now three weeks later I'm pretty much being told that posting in here was useless, pointless, and a complete waste of time. So basically we've been lied to this whole time. Okay. — CrazyEights
  • Hey some positive posts every once in a while please. This is a fun place, LOS and Redline are BIG parts of that and are doing their best with what they got and both have amazing track records of doing so. Itll all work out in due time! — Mattman213
  • I do post positive comments but people just choose to pick and chose what they read. As for this situation there's nothing positive in it anymore. I and several other kindly asked for our cars back 3 weeks and were ignored. what a joke!!! Release the torches and pitchforks! hahaha!!! — CrazyEights
  • I have to kind of agree. This whole post was started as a way to help LoS by getting all the requests in one spot. It was started with the understanding and trust that he would honor those requests. He hasn't and that's not cool. And yes, we're talking toy cars here, but it's other people's stuff and cash to boot. It's unfortunate he hasn't taken the returns more seriously, racing or not. — redlinederby
  • The big let down for me was just his radio silence. Not communicating and avoiding updates is what pisses people off the most. I've missed race dates before too but try my best to keep everyone aware of what happened and why, and provide some sort of follow-up plan. He did none that. That's Customer Service 101 stuff, and when you're handling other people's stuff, that's what you have to do. — redlinederby
  • well said! — CrazyEights
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NDeavers80 10/24/20

It's sad when you see him posting pictures of his new car daily on Facebook and cant even respond to comments on our cars. It's not that difficult to go to the post office to return cars that we included shipping, a box and packing materials with but whatever... I'm done. If I ever get my cars back it will be nice oh and the comment "this has never happened before" I would like to reference bare muscle from 2 years ago. League of speed still has those and that series has never been finished. 

Mic drop have a nice weekend and I'll run RLDRL  tomorrow and get cars returned Tuesday at the latest.

  • hey nick! Good showing at D64. you sure you wanna take a break. You guys are gonna own open modified. get red pill back on tour and it'll be brutal. — CrazyEights
  • Haven't seen d64 yet and hes not running anything until January — NDeavers80
  • There has been drama before but few and far between, plus nothing compared to the last 6 months of missed races. I have a few cars in purgatory as well. People are rightfully miffed, myself included. At this point I can only play middleman, sorry. I wish I could do more. — redlinederby
  • At this point 2 years and 4 months there's not much anyone can do. I'm not annoyed with you BV. — NDeavers80
  • I wanted to chime in here. In no way shape or form is anyone cross with you. because of the lack of respect and radio silence you're having to deal with the brunt of it. one of the many reasons why I've always been offered managerial status and turned it down. — CrazyEights
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BlueLineRacing 10/25/20

It's unfortunate, some of these races were the first races I've ever entered. Thankfully I've had many enjoyable experiences since then and for the most part everywhere I've raced has been great. I know for one, building these cars is a time consuming process if you want to send anything competitive. Many of us await the return of these cars to send them somewhere else also. I think this is an awesome place to bring racers together and I've really appreciated the way Brian has helped promote everything we do. That being said there is going to have to be some changes for 2021 if most of us are going to feel confident sending in our hard work. I've offered to help and am hosting the Nov leg of races and will do more in 2021 if needed. If you race at my venue it will be on schedule and you will get your cars back in a reasonable amount of time. We can make this work really nicely but not like this.

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redlinederby 10/25/20
Site manager

It's totally fair to have lost some confidence. It's completely justified. But remember that we lose confidence in people, not places. And thankfully, this site isn't just for Redline Derby's for everyone's races. 

The purpose of this site is to connect and promote the hobby and races happening around the world, and to connect people that want to race and learn. If I never host another race again, this site will continue to be a resource for those that do.

Making changes is up to the people that are doing the organizing and racing. In this specific case, I think the person is well aware and his choices going foward will determine if you choose to race with him again. It's that simple.

  • As I've stated in previous posts, I can see this isn't a RLD issue, but rather a LoS issue. Being a noob back in the early part of the year, my scope of Diecast racing was 3D Botmaker and LoS vids. It was the RLD Nationals vids that turned me on to RLDL and I joined immediately.So when new events were posted by David, I signed up. My very first mods I ever built are at LoS HQ now waiting for the Poppa Speed Invitational. And my first race entered was the May/June double header which wasn't run until July, and those 2 stock vehicles from that still haven't been returned despite numerous attempts at communicating with David. All that being said, it leads me to a very important question: Are the RLD Nationals Z Series still happening? Because I, for one, want to participate but I am understandibly reluctant to send cars to the event. Is it an Official RLD Event, and would skipping the LoS held events in any way affect any points accrued for the nationals? I'd hate to be penalized for not sending cars to LoS HQ, but I don't want to lose any more cars either. What a conundrum... — Peter_Bee
  • I have no idea how much planning has been done for the Nationals beyond that first race. I'll assume it'll get run, but at this point I can't say if it will happen on schedule. I must admit I have my doubts. Your cars are more valuable than points in a series, so I'd probably hang tight on sending in cars and see what happens over the next couple months. — redlinederby
  • Good advice. — Peter_Bee

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