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Diecast Dude Racing Survivor Series

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I would like a spot if theres any available please. :)

Count me in for a spot! Monster Motorsports

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Crazy_Canuck 9/18/21

I'm gonna send you this guy...that cool?

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D1G1T4L 9/18/21

I still plan on sending you one even though the field is looking pretty full now! :) Figure you can use it at some point. Excited to take on Brick Mt. or whatever Track may come in the future!

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Lily_the_Dog 9/22/21

Count me in!

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Sam_Haul 9/22/21

Can't quite tell if there's still spots left?  If so, please count me in, been looking forward to racing something on your track (ever since I got that questionable call in that white carrera, lol).  Please let me know, pretty sure I've got a couple already ready to go.

Sam Haul 

Team DRT3K 

As of 9/21/2021 We currently have 8 spots still available in our Survivor Series scheduled to run Thanksgiving week. Cars have already  started arriving for this event. Please limit one entry per household.  ++++Bonus points to the builder that includes their lego driver for the driver introductions!!!! 

  • Might want to change the limit per household on rules page, still says 2 per. — Sam_Haul

Update 9/21/2021

We now have 11 of 16 entries filled.

deadline is coming up, so get your build in. 

Daddy G is ready!

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MessyMarv 9/23/21

I'd love a spot.

Messy Marv

Pirate Diecast

Can we pay for return shipping with Venmo or PayPal?  Or would you prefer something else? 

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Armand 9/23/21

Is there still a spot open for this race?

I would like to send in my car for the tournament.

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AJ_Grey 9/23/21

I'd like to enter if there's any spots open.

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