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Diecast Dude Racing Survivor Series

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Okay, officially removing myself from the list, seeing how many people wants a spot. Life's just too busy for me to put on a decent car for this time. I'll try and participate in upcoming events instead :)

Good luck to everyone, and I'll be sure to look at the videos :D

  • No worries mate. Brick Mountain has a spot for you next season! — DiecastDudeRacing

If there's still a spot I'd like to give it a go

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KCLH_Racing 9/24/21

Sounds like a blast.  Count KCLH Racing in please. 


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GrumpyCloud 9/25/21

I've got a car I'd like to send your way, if you still have a spot open.  Let me know and I'll mail it out this week.  Thanks!

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Sam_Haul 9/26/21

The "One Stop".  Coming in hot and heavy, heading out tomorrow.

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Lily_the_Dog 9/26/21

Didn't get a confirmation on my first post, but any more spots available?

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MessyMarv 9/26/21

Following up to see if I'm in...didn't see a reply either way on my post.  PLMK.

All 16 spots for the Survivor Series have been filled. If you reserved a spot, the deadline for entries to be received is Oct 15th. We are looking forward to a great series! Keep it tuned right here as we start shaping up our modified tournaments for season number two. 

Bah, I didn't know I had to sign up here first, I just went with the info on the YT post and sent in a car. Can I still be entered or do I have to wait for the next tournament?

I would be happy to be a standby driver. Let me know if a spot opens up.

Jonnys Speed Shop

Jon Vista

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Numbskull 10/14/21

If a spot opens up, I can get a car there pretty fast.

Cheers.  And this will be a good one.

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