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Diecast Squid Game 2023

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NDeavers80 10/8/23

Any updates??? 

  • I'm wondering the same! I don't mind events being postponed, but the important thing is that we are kept updated. — Fractal_Panda
  • Agreed — NDeavers80
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dr_dodge 10/11/23

whats the deal on this?


  • Deal is y'all got screwed and the host got some nice cars, looks like ..... — SpyDude
  • sad, but true — dr_dodge

Weekly reminder to be careful who ya send cars too.

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dr_dodge 12/27/23

a sad reminder, and warning to all rookies

even veterans lose cars

was a cool concept of a race that never happened


  • For what its worth... I have something like this in mind with my track. — StarCorps

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