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Diecast Squid Game 2023

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ShannonBR 3/2/23

I'd like to be in if there is room for Down Squad Racing.

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Driepe51 3/2/23

I'll bite. Doc wants in

Sounds like fun!  Count me in

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GrumpyCloud 3/2/23

Fun Idea.  I'm in.

Sounds like a fun time, could a car be a Frankenstein of multiple castings?

sounds crazy but i am in 

MakersBox motors has numberous debts and the loan sharks are closing in.  Please include me!

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CraigsterSr 3/3/23

I'll Play Red Light, Green Light... Craigster Sr. - Hot Nuts Diecast

Count me in, please, provided the shipping address is revealed with enough time for me to mail my entry from Scotland (about 3 weeks in transit, usually).  I've never seen Squid Games, but I've got some green paint in the right colour!  Also - do we add the number to the car once you've assigned it, or will you be adding it to the vehicles once they arrive?

Edit: Now spotted the reply to an earlier comment that number will be added on arrival. 
Also, now got my car built and waiting to go!

Grayboys_Racing is in for 1!

I would like to be in this competition.  

I have questions.  I saw that no casting is out.  So that answers that question.   Next question is, "Can I use a stock painted car and apply the necessary white stripes?" I have been testing all of my light green stock cars to find my fastest.  Problem is,. "Do you consider these light green??"my Brother says those are dark green. The bottom picture I'm told is lime green. So it doesn't qualify either. Please help understand what you believe "Light Green" is. I have not seen the TV show, not will I as I do not subscribe to what ever channel it is broadcast.

  • The answer is on the next page — SquareCircleTriangle
  • We will kindly ask that you do not send a car with tampos on it — SquareCircleTriangle
  • #100 — SquareCircleTriangle
  • I have my car all picked out. Too long time. Every time I tried to sit and work on it, something got in the way of spending the time. I hope to get started today... Uugge. I don't know if I'm going to get it in the mail in time. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park

Intriguing! I'll jump in. 

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