Do you switch lanes after a tie?

redlinederby Saturday, 9/14/2019
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My 3DBM finish lines registered a true tie...pretty cool...but never thought about when a tie happens if you should switch lanes for the next heat?

Do you consider a tie a do-over, or just that's the way it is and carry on in order like you would if someone had won?

I can't say this has ever come up for me, or at least not for a long, long time...


I switch the lanes...but a tie resets the race at 0-0  for the cars 

  • Ahhh...okay, that sounds fair enough. So you effectively start over. — redlinederby
  • Yep....brings the slate back to 2 in a row is win 2 in a way a tie let's that happen — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'll make a reminder to add that rule to the event template — redlinederby
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WorpeX 9/14/19

I re-race, it very rarely happens but its pretty neat when it does. I also don't usually don't do the 2 wins in a row format anymore as it can be far too time consuming.

  • RLD hosting requies 2 in a row for series events — LeagueofSpeed

I rerun the cars in the same lanes when I get a tie... BUT.. if I ever get a 2nd tie(hasn't happened yet), I will switch the lanes...

Still waiting for the elusive 3 or 4 car tie!

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