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Down South Drop Top Series

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I'll get in

  • Well that ups the competition drastically — FPD_Racing
  • Take it easy on us ok blueline lol — Flip81
  • Never built a convertible. Should be interesting. Thanks for having me — BlueLineRacing
  • I'm sure it'll be fast. Good thing is it's 3 totally different tracks — Flip81
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Coopdevil 4/21/21

Sixteen entries already I believe? If the event gets expanded to 32 then I would like a place.


I'll take a slot if available.

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Crazy_Canuck 4/21/21

I'm in if it gets expanded to 32

team: The EH-Team

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Driepe51 4/21/21

Am I too late?! Damn midnight shifts make me miss all the good stuff! If I'm not too late, count me in for one!! 

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TheMakersBox 4/21/21

Makersbox Motors would like a spot if you expand the field.  Thanks!

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RaSungod 4/21/21

I'd like a spot in this!

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DamDiecast 4/21/21

looks pretty Full,  

Put me in if you have any spots avalable.

team: DamDiecast Racing

Driver: Grandslam

I'm in if available! NRV Diecast #13

  • Which are you NRV or commotion? — FPD_Racing
  • I’m am NRV Biff! I ask you to add my buddy Dalevis from commotion Diecast also because he was busy and couldn’t reply thanks so 2 different people — BiffKirbyCommotionDiecast

I'm in if spots still available!

And Please add Dalevis from Commotion Diecast 

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RustyWheeler 4/22/21

Sign me up! 

  • Team name? — FPD_Racing
  • Got ya Jeff. Calling you Revin Racing until you tell me otherwise. — FPD_Racing

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