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Down South Drop Top Series

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PoBoy_Racing 4/22/21

Hey, if there are any spots avaiable I'd like 2 spots please and thank you.

1 Spot for me - Po'Boy Racing

1 Spot for my friend from Australia - Marc D. of Cutrock'R Racing

Thank you for your time!

  • Got ya both! — FPD_Racing
  • Thanks for getting me in on time Po'Boy. Appreciated. Also thanks FPD & the Gang. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks Y'all! Really appreciate the spots! Good Luck to All! — PoBoy_Racing
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Sneaky_Bob 4/22/21

I'll take a spot if there is one left.

Sneaky Bob

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FPD_Racing 4/22/21

Make sure you read the rules! 

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SpyDude 4/22/21

Gee, at the rate this one filled up, a 64-car field wouldn't be that far off base ........

Just to clarify with the convertible does it have to have an interior and can weight be visible 

  • I see interior can be removed. I assume weight can be visible then — BlueLineRacing
  • You could probably just put a piece of black plastic over the hole so it looks smoother. — SpyDude
  • Sure but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t required. — BlueLineRacing
  • I’d do it anyway just to clean up the lines, unless you make the weights look like a Rat Fink figure. That would be fun. — SpyDude
  • It can be visible but it can’t be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle — FPD_Racing
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SpyDude 4/25/21

How many people did chop tops to make a convertible?
-raises hand-

  • I did think about removing the targa roof section on an MBX VW-Porsche 914 but then decided I’d probably make a horrendous hash of it! — Coopdevil
  • @Coopdevil - You never know unless you try, though, right? — SpyDude
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FPD_Racing 4/30/21

Cars are already being shipped out!

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SpyDude 4/30/21

Mine's headed out in the mail today.

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Coopdevil 5/8/21

Posted today!

Wow!  There are definitely some big names in this event.  Convertible goes out today! Super excited for this one. Glad to be a part. 

  • Glad to have ya my friend. Now put out another video! — FPD_Racing

Let me know if someone drops out I have a car willing and able and ready to send!!! 

  • We’ve had an opening. You want it! — FPD_Racing

chopped the top off the XJ220

  • That looks really cool as a droptop. — SpyDude
  • Thanks! To be honest it’s kind of a hack job but it’s fast. — BlueLineRacing

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