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Down South Drop Top Series

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SpyDude 5/17/21

When do we get to see the car show?

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RLoRacing 5/19/21

Just waiting for my driver figure to get in the mail and I'll have painted and shipped out 

  • A driver is not required. It looks great but you don’t have to. — FPD_Racing
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PoBoy_Racing 5/21/21

Hey Y'all, Just mailed the entries for Po'Boy Racing and Cutrock'R Racing.  Y'all should have them by Tues.

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Uncle_Elvis 5/23/21

Ready to go.

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NDeavers80 5/26/21

Is there an opening? 

  • Send it Nick. If we end up getting all the entries we’ll have race ins. — FPD_Racing
  • Ok please pm me your address — NDeavers80
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TheMakersBox 5/31/21

This is my Cobra.  There are many like it, but this one is mine . . .

I got an ugly sum bitch going in the mail today ,but she's fast.

  • I know it will be. — FPD_Racing
  • Dang sure your ugly can beat the pants off most pretty!! — DXPRacing
  • Don't Count on the way that she looks, but the way that she goes! — PoBoy_Racing
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FPD_Racing 6/14/21

Race one of the series is done. Keith with flips Racing wins at Mack Mountain. Onto Boomtown, USA Main Street drags.

Great Racing, Biff Kirby Sr. Nice win my friend. Glad I survived to the drag strip. 

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Flip81 6/21/21

Great racing guys. Sucks I went out the first round, but that's racing and all you can do is go to the next race and try again. Congrats to Biff Kirby on the win. You beat one of the best in the game!! 

  • Thank you, hoping the straight drag strip is where I shine but we will see. — BlueLineRacing
  • I'm sure you'll shine just fine. Your cars are fast at every track. I haven't seen a slow one yet — Flip81

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