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redlinederby Thursday, 5/15/2014
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Inspired by Smitty's own worksheet I created an "official" Redline Derby tournament worksheet that anyone can use to help track their race results.

Download the official tournament results worksheet (PDF)

This is most certainly a first version so please share your feedback and suggestions. I tried to keep it simple and fun. You can kind of use it however you see fit, there are plenty of squares you can use to take notes, etc. To track how much a car won over the other, just fill-in the squares to cover the car. One square means it won by a bumper, 4 squares mean it won by a full length or more.

Once the format and columns get more finalized I see about making an online fill-in-the-blank version so you can pre-fill the car names and then print it out...or something like that.

For big tournaments the worksheet a bit cumbersome but for smaller sets or just your own at-home racing it should be a good way to stay organized. 


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KandORacing 5/15/14

I think it looks perfect Brian! I don't see any reason to change it (although I don't host events so I wouldn't know how well it works).

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Dadvball 5/26/14

Looks good Brian!  Much easier than the way I've been doing with lined paper and tons of abbreviations.

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model40fan 5/26/14

just printed out a copy, perfect, as the win distance cars are cut into quarters it leaves 4 clock runs to thousandths of a second...ex.  2.125 seconds... the same sheet works for visual and timed races...  also having 3 of the cars makes for lane 1 times, lane 2 times and average times...good stuff B...

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JDC442 5/26/14

Used the new Tournament Results sheet for the final Gassers race.  Made keeping track of the races a snap and posting the results a lot less time consuming.  

Thanks to Smitty for  thinking it up and Brian for creating the form!

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redlinederby 5/27/14
Site manager

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Glad the worksheet got some real-world testing! Let me know if you have an ideas for improvements, etc.

I'll be redoing the mail-in ID form too once I get some time. Then soon there can be a "kit" for hosts and entrants to use for all the tournaments.

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slash288 5/31/14

Definitely download and use for my next race. Much more neat than my chicken scratches and hand drawn brackets in my notebook!

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redlinederby 8/29/19
Site manager

Reminder bump...because I had started to make another scoring sheet for my upcoming races when I remembered I already made one! 

This isn't as visual as doodling on a bracket chart, but this has some slots for more race data if you want to use it. Use it as a cross-reference for numbered cars or whatever you come up with.

And don't forget to check out other tools for hosting in the Tournament Hosting collection of topics.

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