Drag Strip Angle

Desert_Rat_Racing Tuesday, 5/14/2024

This is a Mach up for the down ramp of the drag strip. Starting gate can go up to 26.5* and this is sitting at 25.5* .. To me it looks extreme but need some input please. The height is 34" from top of table to ramp.

Thanks Vic


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redlinederby 5/14/24
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Depends how much energy you want to give cars...since it's a drag strip, you have less worry about too much speed, depending on the total length. Your angle in the photo looks fine to me. My angle was near 40* over a 4-feet length. 

  • RLD, Thank you for your input. I have 8’ ramp to 16’ flat. Track itself will be 20.6’ gave or take a 2’ run off. — Desert_Rat_Racing

I find the angle to be less important to the track than the use ability since there is no standard track dimensions in drag races, Cars just need to reach the finish. You will likely make thousands of runs down your track so having it fit you ergonomical is a huge plus. The start gate needs to be where you can easily and safely reach with out a ladder and the flat where you don't have to bend a to reach it. 

One thing that I love about my track is after the finish line there is a very slight ramp to the stop bag. 99%of the time cars will roll back to the end of the drop and stop, it really cuts down on walking 20 feet to the other end to reset the cars. 

  • Very true. Never discount the value of convenience! Especially if you're making videos and need to be as efficient with time as possible. — redlinederby
  • Also the more Energy you put in the cars the more likely they are to bounce off the track at your stop bag. I tend to error on the side of a slower track (lower ramp) mine is 24 inches high, it seems to run more fair and is easier to film too — Milestone_Racing
  • Milestone, — Desert_Rat_Racing
  • Milestone Appreciate the input and will look at this a bit more tonight. — Desert_Rat_Racing
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DXPRacing 5/14/24

Mine sits at 24" from start gate to straight.  I have a gradual transition over 7'.  It really is whatever you want to do.  

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