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When: Saturday, February 25, 2017

There's nothing quite like something going fast that was never really intended to go fast...hence, Station Wagons going racing. The concept is simple, but there will be some restrictions to keep the racing close.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight - 57 grams
  • Size restrictions; fits on an orange track wide, 2" high and no longer than 3-1/8" long
  • Cars per entrant/household 2 per entrant more than 4 per household
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model- foreign or domestic production station wagons are allowed in the race
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; all cars must run production skinny wheels on the front and production, black 5-spoke wheels on the rear...and by production, that is what I sanding, no polishing, no burnishing...nothing done to the outer surface to improve performance. And no type of wheel inserts or bearings either. The axles must be production-type axles...the axles may be polished...axle tubes are allowed 
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements, Chassis may be altered. The Traction Event rule is in place...if your car is more than 3 grams over the limit, it will be painted pink and raced, but, it will not count


TBD. Describe the prize(s) offered. Include an image if available. If there is no prize, delete this section.

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees ...If you wish your cars teturned, please include return shipping....if no shipping money is included, your cars will go to the winner

Where to send your cars

Chris Raab 

9 Sherman Ridge Road 

Sussex, NJ.  07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

 All entries must be received by the host before 02/25/2017


To progress out of a round, a car must win two consecutive on each matter how many races it takes, it must win two in a row


See above,

Tracks & Dates

This race will be held at Sussex Speedway

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.

Production chassis?


Oh yeah!

That's pretty awesome sounding! Call it Drag-on Wagon Series. 

There are stock eliminator and Super Stock wagons still around, people ran wagons because of weight transfer and simple traction control for a reason. Those things run deadly accurate indexes in their classes so don't be fooled. I have a friend that ran a 66 Valiant SW and trailered so many people from Gainesville to Immokalee they put out a bounty on him. 

Oh, I know...there are a lot of mean wagons out there...which I think is awesome!
'81 Malibu wagon in Stock Eliminator for the win.
Radio Flyer

Stock FTE axles ok? 

Yup, stock style fte and color change axles are allowed 

thanks, possible tube car in the works

Chevelle wagon body, 34 Ford chassis , stock, un-touched axles/wheels... 55g, ASW. I haven't had much luck running all small wheels, but I thought I'd give it another shot.

Awesome...I have a couple Chevelle bodies waiting in the wings
Love this. Look out Griswolds!

Blownmad, 55g, tubes, FTE axles, stock un-touched axles/wheels.

Looking good, TE...I do like tri-5 Chebbies!
Very nice! What kind of wheels are those in front?
front wheels are from casting called "Flattery", so is the engine

I'm in....and at this point in my infancy of mod/custom, I'll be happy if it the cars just finish the race. I've got a Fangula and Surf Crate I can pirate the front wheels and axels from, also can we stick with the stock paint scheme?

Yup, stock paint is fine :)

OK...question. If we can use FTE axels, can  wheels still be on them as well?  I ask because I have a Fast Fish ( the purple one that came in the 2013 or 2014 mystery pack) with what looks like the FTE wheels, which are 5 spoke, but it does not run like a 05-06 FTE by any stretch ( why it's in the cull/weed out bin). My plan is to take the front wheels and axel off the Fangula and the rear wheels and axel off the Fast Fish and put them on a Chevy Nomad from a Muscle Mania 5-pack that is an absolute sled. I don't want to break any rules.

Just to keep everything fair, I'd like to have everyone use the same style, no, I'd like you to use 5-spokes. Thanks for asking
OK, just wanted to mnake sure

Ok, does it have to be this 5 spoke wheel, or any 5 spoke that is not FTE? The Nomad pictured above has a different 5 spoke than the Chevelle, and the one on my Chevelle is 5 spoke but different than the two mentioned. My Chevelle has stock HW PR5's Sorry for so much FYI, but just trying to play fair.Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

LoS, Both of my cars have 5SP wheels on the rear, one is large, and the small.  Front wheels and SK5, again just two different sizes medium on the Nomad, and small on the Chevelle

Clear on that, just wondering if the HW PR5 is OK, since it is a 5 spoke production wheel
Also the Chevelle looks like the older 5 spoke design and the Nomad looks like the newer 5 spoke being put on the Muscle Mania cars. everything ready to build my cars.

League of Speed will be racing a 55 Chevy Nomad and a 70 Chevelle SS Wagon. 

Does it have to be a Hot Wheels casting?

nope, does not have to be Hot Wheels

Sounds good I am in. 

The 55 Nomad will be reassembled tomorrow and I will start on the 70 SS Chevelle .....going to be a beautiful day here in some modding on the screened in porch. Looking forward to the race!!!

Got tired of watching my entries go fast on my track...   <<< That is smack talk. :)

Shipped them out today.

best of luck to all...

This isn't going so well.  The axles on those narrow fronts all have burrs on one side.   

The wagons are undergoing speed test and final tuning and should be mailed out this Saturday 2/18 at the latest.     

Will ship on Monday.  I plan on redoing the front end on the Mercury. 

Those look great, dig the green "Brady" wagon

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately...Toy Faire is happening this weekend, so my life will return to normal now! :)

I got cars from TE yesterday...I suppose I should start thinking about getting my cars ready, huh?

cars went in the mail today.

Well, the Nomads speed was improved, but it had only up to go since it was an absolute sled before the rebuild. The Chevelle....about the same I believe, but the left front wheel kept being an issue which hopefully is now resolved. Looking forward to the race.          

I shouldn't have sold my Datsun wagons at the C4 meet, even though they were sold in seconds. Bad timing.

Hi Guys!

I'm sorry for not promoting this race a little harder...but, it still should be a fun race! I have cars from Traction Event, UndercoverBuick and League of Speed. And, I'm sure I'll probably get something thrown together for this race as well!

Chances are, I'll be running the cars Saturday night...a Saturday night shootout is always fun! Thanks for sending in the cars! Pics and the Bracket will be posted tomorrow afternoon

Saturday night was made for fightin!

Hell if you want when they are done racing on your track send them to me we can run them again here.  We race at my house every Wednesday night.  I should have my 3Dbotmaker finish line back this week, its getting updated. 

you know, I live close enough....
2 and a half hours-ish But at least its a straight shot lol

I have little hope for the Chevelle, but the Nomad might be respectable....I hope.

Team pics...and your #'s are in the corners...

I only got one car together for this race, so, someone will be getting a bye run in the first round. The bracket will be up a little will start after supper...look for the first round video after 7:00

Good luck, Everyone! The cars look Great!

Here's the bracket for tonight's race...

Will check in tonight for the action via smartphone.....Mrs LoS is dragging me off to a couples get together tonight. The cars do look good.....good luck to all!!!

Round 1...

Round 2...

Round 3...the Finals...

Congrats UCB and nice battle between the Chevells TE. Thanks for hosting the race C10. Hope to see you all in the Redline Revival.

Yup, thats what I get for talking smack... beat. Congrats to UCB, and to LOS. It's great to see new racers do well. You guys got to duke it out in the finals, close racing all around.

Good racing.  I saw the redline revival race too late.  I need to build some cars for my weekly racing at home.  Winners get eliminated each week and my flat black Buick is on the trailer now. 

Congrats UndercoverBuick! 

As TE said, it's good to see new faces doing well! I've never managed to find ANY speed in the skinny front wheels...and that still continues!

Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll just be running one-shot races for a while. I'll be posting my next race soon.

Thanks for racing, Guys...I'll get your cars returned this week.

The Astrofunk is a pretty fast casting with the skinny fronts, but I tend to agree with you.
I think I went though 4 sets of fronts before I figured out somthing good. I started hording copo camaros for the front wheels.
I have a Copa, but it's to fast to scrap...just yet.
Ha! The fronts on my Chevelle were from a Cop Camaro

Check out the tournament coverage on the Hot 64

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